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Penny’s Big Breakaway Cheat Codes

Penny’s Big Breakaway Cheat Codes

A list of all known Sound Test Cheat Codes, compiled in once place.

How to Use

Like in this team’s previous game, the sound test menu, aside from being a convenient way to listen to the game’s excellent soundtrack, hides a handful of fun gameplay-altering cheat codes.

Penny's Big Breakaway Cheat Codes

In order to use these cheat codes, play the numbered tracks in the sound test menu in the correct sequence. This will activate the effect of the cheat code, which will remain active for all save files until either the game is restarted or the cheat code disabling cheat code is entered. The game will play a “ding” sound effect to let you know a cheat code was entered successfully. Multiple codes can be used at once. Cheats work in Time Attack mode, but using them prevents your time from being submitted. The following is a list of all of the known cheat codes.

Cheat codes list

  • 03 02 01 00 – Disables any active codes
  • 10 0C 26 0D – Infinite Gusto points
    Penny becomes impervious to all sources of damage. Damage received from falling off the stage is instantly healed.
  • 06 03 07 0F – Penguins won’t get cling onto Penny
    Penguins that cling on to Penny will be automatically removed. Other sources of damage, including penguin balls and fire penguins will still hurt her.
  • 0B 16 0A 12 – Low gravity
    Gravity is reduced. This only affects Penny.
  • 06 07 26 00 – Superspeed for Penny
    Penny’s ground and air speed are significantly increased.
  • 00 0D 00 0D – Slow motion
    The entire level, including Penny, moves at a fraction of the speed.
  • 2C 00 14 00 – Infinite midair Yo-Yo actions
    Midair actions that can normally only be used once per jump (Pass Dash, String Swing and Around the world) can be used repeatedly.


These codes were not discovered by me. All credit goes to the twitter account @RSDKFacts, which, to my knowledge, was the first person to discover these.

Also, these codes likely represent something. The first cheat code is obviously a countdown from 3, but a number of the other cheat codes are formatted like dates. What these dates are, I’m not sure. Feel free to let me know what you think these mean in the comments. Happy busking!

Written by Willytor

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