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Persona 5 Royal Easiest Money + EXP Farming Method

This guide will tell you the ultimate method of grinding for money and exp.

Easiest Money + EXP Farming Method

  • make sure you can travel freely to mementos
  • get ryuji to social rank 7Easiest Money + EXP Farming Method

the execution

  • go into the lowest possible floor of mementos that you can currently access
  • keep going up the levels until the enemies turn green when you use third eyeEasiest Money + EXP Farming Method
  • sprint directly into the green enemy
  • ryuji’s instakill ability will activate and instantly kill the enemy, awarding you with exp and money and sometimes personasEasiest Money + EXP Farming Method
  • once you deplete the shadows on that floor, go up/down a floor and see if there are some green shadows on that floor
  • repeat until you get bored

the bonus

you can literally do this to any green shadow so have fun obliterating them if you see them.

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