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Phantom Brigade Modding and Save Editing

Can I mod the game?

Yes, all the relevant files are exposed at \Configs\DataDecomposed.

All equipment (weapons, body parts, subsystems) is found under \Equipment\Subsystems. Modding body parts can be done either at a global level or an individual part level, explained under the Body Part Scaling section.

Resource limits are under, well, \Resources.

Scaling information is found under \UnitStats. Currently it is limited to Integrity, Barrier, and Kinetic damage at 25% of base stat per level.

Can I edit my save games?

Yes, absolutely. Phantom Brigade is a single-player game, so you’re not hurting anybody by modifying your game files. Play the way you want to.

Save files are stored in plain text in zip files in \AppData\Local\Phantom Brigade\Saves.

Your current resources are stored in \OverworldEntities\squad_mobilebase.yaml.

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