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Phantom Brigade What If I Lose or Stuck?

What If I’m Stuck?

Out of Liquid Fix

Retreat and resupply.

I Lost All My Stuff Halp

Retreat and resupply. You’ll get two pilots and two bare-bones machines. You’ll lose supplies for the privilege, but they will never be taken below 0.

Note that even if you have all the necessary parts in storage to outfit your frames, as long as you complete a resupply with non-combat ready units, they will be outfitted with basic gear at your expense.

Enemies are too difficult

Hit easier targets. There’s always an easy target lurking about. If nothing else, hit basic enemy patrols. They come with one walker and two vehicles and are really easy to destroy so long as you go for the lowest level ones.

Remember that there is no time pressure or lose condition, so do not rush into tough battles and bite off more than you can chew.

Once you’re more confident with combat, you’ve got four machines ready to go, and you’ve picked up stealth and overdrive, it’s time to hit a convoy. Approach from the front, stealth right up to the edge of the detection bubble, then overdrive the last little bit, screaming “WITNESS ME” all the way*. Convoys are tougher than basic patrols, but they give much better loot as well. Just avoid reinforced convoys until you’re even stronger.

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Avoid Loss

Finally, to reiterate a point: avoid taking losses. You can recover destroyed parts at the end of a combat engagement, but that cuts into your very limited salvage budget and directly hurts your progress. So play defensively in combat and don’t attack targets out of your league until you know what you’re doing.

* Optional

What If I Lose?

General FAQ

If you lose a battle, you are sent to the combat resolution screen as usual, where you can pick up some of the parts you lost. Then you are sent back to the world map, and the enemy unit that defeated you becomes occupied for a moment.

Defeat also lowers the escalation in the region, but that’s barely a consolation at that point.

General FAQ

If you encounter an enemy unit with no combat-ready units or pilots, the game automatically sends you back to the nearest resupply point. There is no game over in Phantom Brigade, unlike in XCOM. Neither is there any global time pressure, so take your time.

Note that you can retreat at any time while in hostile territory. If the button appears greyed-out, switch to a different travel mode (overdrive / stealth) and back again. This lets you get out of a potentially dangerous encounter without having to fight and lose all your units first.

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General FAQ

After you complete a retreat, you reappear at the closest resupply point. If you have fewer than 2 combat-ready units and pilots, resupplying will restock you back up to 2, so it’s a good idea to do so.

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