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Phantom Brigade Your Base & Pilots


Your base represents the operational level of the game: how you manage the resources you have in order to win engagements and eventually achieve your strategic goals.

General FAQ

You access its functions from the top-left bar. These are Pilots, Units, Inventory, Workshop, and Upgrades.


General FAQ

The main resources you have are Supplies, Uncommon Components, and Rare Components. These allow you to upgrade the base, build new components, and sometimes, pick certain options in random events.

The main way you will get these is by defeating the enemy, whether by raiding convoys, taking over caches and sites, or even just blowing up patrols and scrapping their parts.

Resources cap at 10,000 supplies, 100 uncommon, 100 rare. You can change these values manually by changing the files in <InstallDirectory>ConfigsDataDecomposedResources specifically components_r2.yaml, components_r3.yaml, and supplies.yaml.

Reputation determines how many times you can call for Home Guard assistance. Win the fight without losing a single Home Guard unit, and you’ll get the point back for free. Usually one walker and two vehicles will show up.

Hope represents how long you can contest a province. In practice I believe it reduces the penalties for failing warzone objectives, but I haven’t really tested it.

Smoke is a consumable that lets you stun an enemy unit and avoid combat. You need to build the upgrade for the base in order to be able to build and use smoke.


General FAQ

The pilots screen gives you an overview of, well, your pilots. As the screenshot says, each pilot has their own resistance to concussion; this is their concussion health stat in combat. Their maximum is determined separately.

Concussion damage carries over after the battle, even if the pilot was not actually knocked unconscious, and slowly heals over time until the pilot is at their maximum health. The next time they go into battle, they will “take into battle” as much health as they can, up to their concussion resistance limit.

So a pilot with less total health than their concussion limit will not enter battle with a full health bar, and if they are reduced to 0 health, they will die.

“Health” in fact also represents morale, and various random events will modify pilot health, either raising or lowering it.

Resting and resupplying will restore all health back to maximum.

On the right side of the pilots screen, you can click “Edit” to change pretty much anything about your pilot short of their personality and hometown.

Fun fact about the random callsign generator: callsigns are taken from the NATO phonetic alphabet, except for “Zero” (what) which does not belong there. Also, you may have heard “Indigo” being used for “I”, but the proper code word is “India”.

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