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Phasmophobia Fun Tarot Card Game Guide

Phasmophobia Fun Tarot Card Game Guide

This is a fun game you can play in a custom mode with the Tarot Cards. If you want to play this, make sure you enable all cursed possessions in a custom game.


Here are all of the rules:

In order to play this game properly, you have to enable all cursed possessions in the custom game menu. You can play around with the other settings, but you HAVE to enable this. You can play by yourself, or with other people. The more people, the more fun it is.

You need to grab the Ouija Board, Voodoo Doll, Monkey Paw, Tarot Cards, and Haunted Mirror. Lay them out all like this (preferably on the summoning circle)

Fun Tarot Card Game
(The candle/salt are completely optional, you don’t need them, it just makes the space look nice)

How To Play

Each player takes a turn by picking up the Tarot cards and pulling a card. Whatever card they pick determines what they have to do with one of the five cursed possessions. All of the cards and instructions are listed below.

The Tower:
Push a pin from the voodoo doll.

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The Wheel of Fortune:
If it burns green, do nothing. If it burns red, light one candle on the summoning circle.

The Sun:
Ask the Monkey Paw for a random wish (Can be done by asking “I wish for anything”)

The Moon:
Light all remaining candles on the summoning circle.

The Devil:
Ask the Ouija Board to play hide and seek.

The Hermit:
Look into the haunted mirror for five seconds.

The High Priestess:
Be granted safety and exit the building for a whole turn.

The Hanged Man:
You die. Obviously.

No punishment, just try to survive the hunt.

The Fool:
The next person who draws a card has their effect doubled. (Ex: If the next player draws a Hermit, they have to look into the mirror for 10 seconds instead of 5.)

Once you run out of cards (There are 10 cards in one deck), simply leave and restart.

Fun Tarot Card Game


This section is just my recommendations for how to make the game most enjoyable.

Firstly, I’d recommend having 2-3 people. If you have four, you may run out of cards too quickly, since there’s only 10 per deck.

I would also increase hunt duration’s. This just makes the hunts feel more tense, and nothing is funnier than hearing your friend scream when he gets found.

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Lastly, I recommend turning down the number of hiding spots. Since you (should) play near the summoning circle, it may make it harder to find a spot near the area.

And that’s all the tips I have. You can always add your own spin to it, but its important to know how to play the normal game properly. I doubt you’ll be able to find strangers who want to also play this, so just get a couple friends and have fun.

Written by Kiwoj

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