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Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire Pickpocket’s Guide

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  1. Pickpocketing the Deadfire

List of unique stuff you can pickpocket from people of Deadfire. It’s not much and no, you’re not missing much.

Pickpocketing the Deadfire

Pickpocketing (= Stealth to get near target & Sleight of Hand to steal) is not a very useful in the game so I did the reasonable thing and picked every NPC pocket that I could find for a list of cool stuff you can get. This list probably isn’t complete – I might’ve missed someone due to them only appearing during quest choice / time of day.

While stealing from random people is pretty boring you can get a some decent money in the start of the game. Most npcs walking around have 10-60 coins on them and the occasional item that you could sell.

I did a 15 minute pick pocket spree by standing on the East Exit of Brass Citadel in Neketaka to check how much you will reasonably earn by pickpocking. In the end I got 991 coins and 341 coins worth of sellable items for total of 1332 coins.

In Neketaka – my Sleight of Hand was most of the time 3 to 5 (2 from Cipher, 1 from Beakhead Pet, 0 from skills, 2 from resting in the Hole) and there was only one item that I couldn’t steal: Potion of Moderate Healing in Vailian Trading Company Headquarters while pickpocketing Director Castol. That item needed Sleight of Hand 8. Putting points in Sleight of Hand is definitely not worth it.

Port Maje
  • [Port Maje] Savia in Port Maje Jail – Port Maje Jail key
  • [Port Maje] Norgund in Kraken’s Eye upstairs – Norgund’s key
  • [Port Maje] Caedric in Kraken’s Eye (after 2nd DLC started) – The Luckless coin
  • [Neketaka – Queen’s Berth] Ezzali Bardatto in Baradatto Estate – Deltro’s Cage Helm ,unique helmet with Shock resistance
  • [Neketaka – Queen’s Berth] Cotta in Back Alley – Ring of Minor Protection
  • [Neketaka – Queen’s Berth] Sanza in Sanza’s Map Emporium – Cartographer’s key
  • [Neketaka – Queen’s Berth] Luca in Wild Mare – Luca’s key
  • [Neketaka – Queen’s Berth] Shrimp in Wild Mare (upstairs, outside) – Ring of the Marksman, good ring for ranged
  • [Neketaka – Queen’s Berth] Lueva Alvari in Vailian Trading Company HQ – Alvari’s key
  • [Neketaka – Periki’s Lookout] Fassina in Wild Mare – Arkemyr’s Manor key
  • [Neketaka – Periki’s Lookout] Marihi in Marihi’s Metalworks – Marihi’s key
  • [Neketaka – Periki’s Lookout] Izzia in Marihi’s Metalworks (once DLCs started) – Marihi’s key
  • [Neketaka – Periki’s Lookout] Yellow Eye Three in Arkemyr’s Manor upstairs – Translucent Crystal
  • [Neketaka – The Gullet] Pitli in Pitli’s Sanctuary – Halgot’s Warmth
  • [Neketaka – The Gullet] Ernezzo in Delver’s Row – Ernezzo’s Supply Room key
  • [Neketaka – The Gullet] Captain Mad Morena in Undercroft – Mad Morena’s key
  • [Neketaka – Sacred Stair] Flaune Elette on top of Spire of Soul-Seers – Blood-soaked Correspondence
  • [Neketaka – Sacred Stair] Yseyr the Berathian in the Hanging Sepulchers – Engoliero do Espirs (quest estoc)
  • [Neketaka – Brass Citadel] Powderhouse Guard next to Powderhouse upper door- Powderhouse key
  • [Neketaka – Brass Citadel] Fleet master Wakoyo in Fleet Master’s Office – Small key (for the same building)
  • [Neketaka – Brass Citadel] Bertenno near the Western small stairs – Rokowa’s Fingers, nice item for pickpockets
  • [Neketaka – Brass Citadel] Uto in Uto’s gunsmithy – Uto’s Gunsmithy key
  • [Tikawara] Ranga Ruana in Captain’s Lodge – Copper Muzuma Shell key
  • [Tikawara] Nairi in Shrine – Potion of the Attuned Self
  • [Hasango] Zuhira in the Storeroom – Storeroom key
  • [Hasango] Aimuro in the Engineering Workshop – Exceptional Pistol
  • [Hasango] Sugaan in the Lighthouse – Strand of Favor, unique amulet with intelligence bonus
Fort Deadlight
  • [Fort Deadlight] Snake Eyes Condwen near the Harbor – Peculiar Dice
  • [Fort Deadlight] Swashbuckler in the Dungeons – Deadlight’s Northern Keep key
  • [Fort Deadlight] Sugaan in the Lighthouse – Strand of Favor, unique amulet with intelligence bonus
  • [Dunnage] Jakob Harker in King’s Coffin – Exceptional Stiletto and Dunnage Tavern Owner key
  • [Dunnage] Captain Furrante in Balefire Beacon – Oiled Iron key
  • [Sayuka] Fleet Master Okaya in Fleet Master’s Quarters – Letter to Home
  • [Sayuka] Mataru in Huana Longhouse – Mataru’s Key
  • [Sayuka] Hetu in Workshop – Hetu’s Key
  • [Kazuwari] Humaire in Temple of Toamowhai – Crucible Token (quest item, needs 10 Sleight of Hand), Ceremonial Obsidian Knife (quest item)
  • [Kazuwari] Caretta in Temple of Toamowhai – Multiple Fine quality gear

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