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Planet Zoo: Guide to Zoo Rating

Zoo Rating


Zoo Rating is a measure of how well you are doing.

There are two ways to check your rating:

  • Hover over the stars on the bottom tool bar.
  • Go to the main Zoo Menu tab.

Zoo Rating

The over all rating is broken down into 5 categories:

  1. Animals – A combined and averaged rating on how happy and healthy your animals are
  2. Conservation – Raised by releasing animals into the wild
  3. Education – Putting out more educational signs and items will raise it. Researching animals will allow greater education facts to be listed on the species stands you put by habitats.
  4. Scenery – Guests like a scenic and beautiful park, so having plants and statues will increase this
  5. Guest Happiness – A combined average of how happy your guests are with yoru park, including food, drink, entertainment, and resting spots. You can see what your guests are feelign by hovering over the emoticon face next to your zoo rating on the bottom toolbar, and also by going to the main Zoo tab and clicking on the Guest tab (see below)
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