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Planet Zoo How to Manage A Stressed Pangolin

How to Manage A Stressed Pangolin

You may be thinking, when you set your (Chinese Pangolin), their scientific name being Manis Pentadactyla, within your zoo, how the heck do I manage their wellbeing, wellfair, even? That’s a good question. When I first started my Zoo in Planet Zoo, my very first animal that I put within my own habitat, was the Chinese Pangolin.

Overtime as guests flooded in like an utter tsunami, my animals became scared, and a note on the Chinese Pangolin’s tab said, “Stressed and is trying to hide”. I was completely confused. But, then I looked at their wellfair, and saw that it was beyond low.

And, as I also took a second peek at their zoopedia information, it said that Chinese Pangolins are “shy”. When that came to mind, I took a look in my inventory of zoo items, and looked at the animal barriers. Chinese Pangolin’s don’t necessarily like to be viewed, as it is a very stressful thing to them, like a predator stalking their prey.

At first, I thought it was an enrichment problem, and so I added more toys, more food enrichments, but, nothing worked, including the extra amount of trees. Nope. What worked, then? The right barriers, did!

When you have a Chinese Pangolin in your zoo, have either concrete barriers with one-way windows, where the animal can’t see through the walls where people are viewing on the other side, or either regular one-way glass.

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