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Ports, Locations, and Goods in Sailing Era

Sailing Era Ports, Locations, and Goods – A comprehensive list of ports by region, including available trade goods and buildings for each port.

Ports, Locations, and Goods in Sailing Era

Ports are listed alphabetically within their regions to make searching easier.

A note on trade goods: every port has at least two trade goods that are available by default. Each port also has one restricted trade good that can be accessed by reaching 100 contribution within that port and obtaining the appropriate permit.

Ports with a Post (for exploration) also have one ‘hidden’ trade good that can only be unlocked by finding it within the Post’s map. The locations of these spots in the Post are not marked, and are considered ‘additional objectives’ for each Post. For example, unlocking Lead in Naha is only possible by finding the corresponding Lead Mine at the post and passing the required skill check. After doing so, the trade good will permanently be available at that port. Although these resources are not marked by icon on the map, they are usually visible in the terrain – a Ruby mine may show up in a mountain square, or a Natural Silk resource may be visible as a mulberry forest.

In the tables below, trade goods that require a permit are marked with *, and trade goods that require exploration in a Post are marked with **.

I have yet to find the Post goods in Gia Dinh or Mérida, but I will update once I have.

Ports marked “supply only” have no features other than a Pier, and exist only for resupply as you travel. However, I have still listed them for purposes of locating all ports and completing the Chronicle.

In addition to the port listings here, I’ve included at the bottom a list of goods and the ports where you can find each. Some goods cannot be bought in ports and can only be found randomly during exploration or by salvaging by fishing, exploring, or salvaging wrecks.

If you notice any mistakes or typos please let me know and I will fix them to the best of my ability.

Happy trading!

East Asia

PortLocationCultural SphereGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsFeatures
Anping120E 23NMingFish MeatKorean Pine WoodZinc OreAmbergris*
Busan129E 35NKoreanTin OreSilverNiterWhite Porcelain*
Edo140E 36NJapanSakeWheatTortoise ShellKatana*Bookhouse, Shinto Shrine
Haizhou119E 35NMingYellow Rice WinePeach WoodShip SpikeBrassTea Leaf*Equipment Store, Buddhist Temple
Hangzhou121E 30NMingYellow Rice WineSilkCeladonBlue and White Porcelain*Korean Pine Wood**Post, Shipyard, Bookstore
Hanyang126E 38NKoreanGinsengCopper OreBeeswaxWhite Porcelain*Shipyard, Ship Materials Store
Macao113E 22NMingFolding FanSisalTea LeafPeach WoodMusk*Shipyard, Gift Store
Nagasaki130E 33NJapanSakeLacquerwareCharcoalKatana*Shipyard, Item Store, Shinto Shrine, Sakurako (Inn)
Naha128E 26NEast AsiaHoneyFish MeatCoral*Lead**Post
Pohang129E 36NKoreanKorean Pine WoodCharcoalPotassium AlumGinseng*
Sakai136E 35NJapanLaquerwareKatanaPearlSilver*Niter**Post, Shipyard, Equipment Store
Tamsui121E 25NMingFish MeatBeeswaxCharcoalAgate*Black Market
Zhangzhou118E 25NMingSilkCeladonTea LeafIron OreMusk*Shipyard, Bookhouse, Item Store, Gu Wan (Restaurant)
*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit
**requires resource discovery in the Post

Southeast Asia

PortLocationCultural SphereGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsFeatures
Aceh96E 5NSoutheast AsiaCoconutWhite SugarTurmeric*
Ambon128E 4SSoutheast AsiaNutmegMaceClove*
Bago97E 17NCentral AsiaRiceJadeiteCinnamonSapphire*
Banjarmasin115E 3SSoutheast AsiaMaceRiceCoconutNutmeg*
Brunei115E 5NSoutheast AsiaAgarwoodWoodClove*Equipment Store
Davao125E 7NSoutheast AsiaWoodAgarwoodEbony Wood*
Dili126E 9SSoutheast AsiaCoconutFish MeatMaceNutmeg*
Gia Dinh107E 10NCentral AsiaRiceCopper OreTurmeric*???**Post, Shipyard, Ship Materials Store, Buddhist Temple
Jakarta107E 6SSoutheast AsiaSaltCopper OreAgarwoodGold*Ebony Wood**Post, Shipyard, Black Market, Mosque
Jambi104E 1SSoutheast AsiaRiceWhite SugarSaltCoral*
Kuching110E 2NSoutheast AsiaGunpowderZinc OreBrass*
Lopburi101E 14NCentral AsiaRubyLeadSisal*
Makassar120E 5SSoutheast AsiaCoconutWhite SugarPearl*
Malacca103E 2NSoutheast AsiaWeaponShip SpikePearlGolden Artware*Item Store, Mosque, Latia (Teahouse)
Manila121E 15NSoutheast AsiaBananaFurGunpowderSilver*Shipyard, Item Store
Palembang105E 2SSoutheast AsiaRiceBeeswaxAgateJadeiteLibrary, Bookstore
Pattani101E 7NSoutheast AsiaRiceSaltTin OreSisal*
Samarai150E 11SSoutheast AsiaCoconutFish MeatPearl*
Surabaya113E 7SSoutheast AsiaRiceFurClove*
Ternate127E 1NSoutheast AsiaCharcoalCloveGunpowder*Shipyard
*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit
**requires resource discovery in the Post

Indian Ocean Region

PortLocationCultural SphereGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsFeatures
Aden44E 13NArabiaCopper OreShip SpikeFrank-incenseZinc OreWeapon*Shipyard, Ship Materials Store, Mosque
Basrah49E 30NPersiaTin OreSaffronLeadLapis Lazuli*Potassium Alum**Post, Library, Bookstore
Calicut76E 11NIndiaindian CalicoWhite SandalwoodBlack PepperRuby*Shipyard, Item Store, Shrine Kanam (Teahouse)
Ceylon80E 7NIndiaRed SandalwoodEbony WoodBlack PepperSapphire*Ruby**Post, Gift Store, Buddhist Temple
Diu71E 21NIndiaRiceNatural SilkIndian Calico*
Goa74E 15NIndiaIron OreWhite SandalwoodCinnamonRed Sandalwood*Ship Materials Store
Hormuz49E 30NPersiaTurquoiseDate PalmNiterLapis Lazuli*Silver**Post, Equipment Store
Jeddah39E 22NArabiaCoffeeFrank-incenseTortoise Shell
Kilwa39E 9SEast AfricaWheatTin OreRhino Horn*
Kochi76E 10NIndiaCottonBlack PepperCinnamonWhite Sandalwood*
Kolkata88E 21NIndiaIndian CalicoRed SandalwoodShip SpikeTeak*Natural Silk**Post, Shipyard, Ship Materials Store
Machili-patnam81E 16NIndiaCottonNatural SilkCotton FabricIndian CalicoSisal*
Madras80E 13NIndiaSaltTurmericWootz SteelRed Sandalwood*
Massawa39E 16NArabiaCottonCoffeeNiterPotassium Alum*Cedar Wood**Post, Mosque
Mogadishu46E 2NEast AfricaMyrrhCoffeeRhino Horn*Features
Mombasa40E 4SEast AfricaSaltMyrrhBeeswaxCoffeeFrank-incense*
Mozambique40E 16SEast AfricaRhino HornAgateEmerald*Ship Materials Store
Muscat58E 24NPersiaDate PalmFrank-incenseSaffronPearl*Shipyard, Item Store, Emin (Cafe)
Natal31E 30SEast AfricaWheatCopper OreEbony Wood*
Puducherry80E 12NIndiaTurmericCopper OreCharcoalWootz Steel*Socotra54E 13NArabiaHoneyMyrrhFrank-incenseAmbergris*[/tr]
Sofala Province35E 20SEast AfricaRhino HornEmeraldGold*Shipyard, Equipment Store
Suez32E 30NArabiaRoyal PurpleShip SpikeBrassTurquoiseSisal*Shipyard, Black Market
Toamasina49E 18SEast AfricaWheatFurSapphire*Gold**Goo-dsPost
Zanzibar39E 6SEast AfricaFish MeatTortoise Shellemerald*Item Store
*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit
**requires resource discovery in the Post




Pingala116E 33SSupply Only
Whanganui*175E 40SSupply Only
*There are two Whanganui ports on the map; this is the one in the Oceania region, in what would be New Zealand today (southeast of the Australian continent.) Both ports are supply only and cannot be traded at.

Pacific Ocean

Hiva Oa138W 8SSupply Only
Samoa173E 13SSupply Only
Whanganui*110W 27SSupply Only
*There are two Whanganui ports on the map; this is the one in the Pacific Ocean region, between Hiva Oa and South America. Both ports are supply only and cannot be traded at.

North America West Coast

PortLocationCultural SphereGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsFeatures
Acapulco100W 17NSouth AmericaSweet PotatoWoodSilver*Shipyard
Hawaii158W 21NN/ASupply Only
*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

South America

PortLocationCultural SphereGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsFeatures
Bahia39W 14SCentral AmericaCornMateMaca*
Buenos Aires57W 36SCentral AmericaSausageMateTortoise Shell*Ship Materials Store
Copiapó71W 28SCentral AmericaFish MeatQuinineTobacco*
Guatemala90W 14NSouth AmericaSweet PotatoTequilaCottonSilver*
Lambayeque80W 7SSouth AmericaCornQuinineRhodo-chrosite*
Lima77W 12SSouth AmericaCornQuinineNiterGold*Rhodo-chrosite**Post, Shipyard, Item Store
Panama***80W 9NSouth AmericaSweet PotatoTequilaCoralSilver*
Pernambuco36W 9SCentral AmericaCornCocoaOak*
San Antonio65W 41SCentral AmericaMacaTin OreMateOak*
Tumbes80W 4SSouth AmericaCornIron OreZinc OreRhodo-chrosite*
Ushuaia9W 39NN/ASupply Only
Valparaiso71W 33SCentral AmericaMacaWood CarvingSilver**requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit
**requires resource discovery in the Post
***Panama and Portobello (Carribean Region) have nearly the same coordinates; however, Panama is on the southern coast, on the South America side.


PortLocationCultural SphereGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsFeatures
Caracas67W 11NCaribbeanBananaCocoaNiterSisal*
Cayenne52W 5NCaribbeanTin OreCocoaSilver*
Grand Cayman81W 19NCaribbeanBananaRumSisalTortoise Shell*
Havana82W 23NCaribbeanRumWeaponTobaccoPearl*Shipyard, Library, Item Store, Church, Valentina (Tavern)
Jamaica77W 18NCaribbeanWhite SugarRumCoralGold*Ship Materials Store
Maracaibo72W 11NCaribbeanCharcoalPotassium AlumVanillaSilver Artware*Gold**Post
Mérida89W 21NCaribbeanPotatoCocoaVanillaCarmine*???**Post
Nassau77W 25NCaribbeanRumWeaponShip SpikeTortoise Shell*Shipyard, Black Market, Chloe (Tavern)
Portobello***79W 9NCaribbeanBananaCopper OreCocoaSilver*
San Diego75W 20NCaribbeanTobaccoCocoaCoral*Item Store
San Juan66W 18NCaribbeanBananaWhite SugarRumPear;*
Santo Domingo70W 19NCaribbeanAgateCocoaTobacco*Gift Store
Trujillo86W 16NCaribbeanVanillaWoodBrassOak*Equipment Store
Veracruz96W 19NCaribbeanPotatoWhite SugarCarmineGold*Agate**Post, Shipyard, Item Store, Andrea (Tea Stall)
Willemstad68W 12NCaribbeanBananaHoneyBeeswaxSisal**requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit
**requires resource discovery in the Post
***Portobello and Panama (South American Region) have nearly the same coordinates; however, Portobello is on the northern coast, on the Caribbean side.

West Europe

PortLocationCultural SphereGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsFeatures
Azores25W 36NIberiaSaltFish MeatPearl*Item Store
Bordeaux1W 45NFranceWheatSausageWineBrandy*
Casablanca7W 34NNorth AfricaPotteryArgan OilAmbergris*
Ceuta5W 36NNorth AfricaFish MeatPotteryDesert Rose*
Las Palmas15W 28NIberiaCoconutWhite SugarCoral*
Lisbon9W 39NIberiaCheeseBlue PorcelainWeaponPort Wine*Firearm**Post, Shipyard, Library, Item Store, Church, Julianne (Tavern)
Madeira17W 33NIberiaWhite SugarFish MeatCoral*
Malaga5W 37NIberiaHoneyWineLinenRosemarySherry*
Nantes2W 47NFranceCheeseSaltWineBrandy*Item Store
Porto9W 41NIberiaSausageWinePort WineBlue Porcelain*Shipyard
Seville7W 37NIberiaSausageSherryFirearmRosemarySilver*Shipyard, Ship Materials Store, Church, Monica (Tavern)
Valencia0W 39NIberiaPewterwareSilver ArtwareRosemaryNiterGolden Artware*Church
*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit
**requires resource discovery in the Post

East Europe

PortLocationCultural SphereGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsFeatures
Alexandria30E 31NNorth AfricaMyrrhGunpowderFrank-incenseEgyptian EssenceBlack Pepper*Shipyard, Black Market, Mosque, Nubu Kasheli (Teahouse)
Algiers3E 37NNorth AfricaIron OreDesert RoseArgan OilWeapon*Shipyard
Athens24E 38NBalkanMarble StatueAncient Fine ArtParchmentPotassium Alum*Niter**Post, Shipyard, Library, Bookstore, Priya (Tavern)
Barcelona2E 41NIberiaCotton FabricIron OreGunpowderShip SpikeFirearm*Equipment Store, Church
Beirut36E 64NTurkeyCottonTurkish RugIron OreDamascus Knife*Equipment Store
Benghazi20E 32NNorth AfricaWheatCottonPotteryCotton Fabric*
Cagliari9E 39NItalyWheatOreganoWoodCopper Ore*
Cairo32E 31NNorth AfricaMyrrhPapyrus PaintingEgyptian EssenceEmerald*Turquoise**Post
Crete25E 35NBalkanOlive OilWineAnceint Fine Art*Marble**Post, Item Store
Famagusta34E 35NBalkanHoneyBeeswaxLinenRoyal Purple*
Genoa8E 44NItalyWineVelvetOil PaintingGolden Artware*Bookstore
Istanbul28E 41NTurkeyTurkish RugFirearmPotassium AlumFrank-incenseBlue Eye*Shipyard, Item Store, Mosque
Jaffa36E 64NTurkeyCottonDate PalmAgate*
Marseilles5E 43NFranceChamomileBrandySoapLinenVelvet*Shipyard, Gift Store, Camille (Tavern)
Naples14E 41NItalyLaceSilver ArtwareGlass BallGlass Artware*Potassium Alum**Post, Shipyard, Equipment Store
Palma3E 39NIberiaCheeseSausageRosemarySherry*
Pisa10E 44NItalyLaceVelvetOil PaintingJewelry*Item Store
Ragusa18E 43NItalyButterCedar WoodCharcoalGlass Artware*
Sevastopol34E 45NTurkeyGunpowderPotassium AlumNiterTurkish Rug*
Sicily14E 38NItalySausageButterOreganoBrass*
Syracuse15E 37NItalyOreganoMarbleBeeswaxMarble Statue*
Thessalonica23E 41NBalkanOlive OilMarble StatueMarbleAncient Fine Art*
Trieste14E 46NItalyWheatLinenLeadShip Spike*Ship Materials Store
Tripoli13E 33NNorth AfricaCottonCotton FabricAgate*
Tunisia10E 37NNorth AfricaOlive OilCottonDesert RoseRoyal Purple*Ship Materials Store
Venice12E 45NItalyVelvetOil PaintingGlass ArtwareJewelryBlack Pepper*Shipyard, Library, Gift Store, Church, Vera (Tavern)
*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit
**requires resource discovery in the Post

North Europe

PortLocationCultural SphereGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsFeatures
Amsterdam5E 52NNetherlandsGinCotton FabricWoolen FabricGlass BallLace*Shipyard, Bookstore, Margarita (Tavern)
Antwerp4E 51NNetherlandsGinWoolen FabricJewelryGolden Artware*Shipyard, Gift Store
Bergen5E 60NNorthern EuropeAquavitWoodNiterOak*Church
Bremen8E 54NGermanyWheatSausageBeerHoney*
Bristol4W 51NBritainWooldWoodZinc OreShip Spike*Shipyard
Calais2E 51NFranceButterHoneyChamomileLace*
Copenhagen12E 56NNorthern EuropeAquavitPewterwareBrassArmor*Shipyard, Equipment Store
Danzig19E 54NNorthern EuropeRyeWoodAmber*
Dublin6W 53NBritainCheeseButterWhiskeyEngland Tweed*
Edinburgh3W 56NBritainWoolWoolen FabricEngland Tweed*
Groningen6E 53NNetherlandsCheeseGinGlass BallBeeswax*Item Store
Hamburg9E 54NGermanyBeerWeaponArmorGolden Artware*Shipyard, Library, Equipment Store, Theresa (Tavern)
London1E 52NBritainWhiskeyWoolen FabricWeaponEngland Tweed*Wool**Post, Shipyard, Library, Item Store, Church, Daisy (Tavern)
Lübeck11E 54NNorthern EuropeBeerArmorLeadSilver Artware*Shipyard, Black Market
Oslo11E 60NNorthern EuropeAquavitWoolWoolen FabricParchmentCedar Wood*Item Store
Plymouth4W 50NBritainPewterwareIron OreTin OreCedar Wood*Shipyard, Ship Materials Store
Riga24E 57NNorthern EuropeRyeCopper OreNiterFur*
Stockholm18E 59NNorthern EuropeFurIron OreSilverWeapon*Amber**Post, Shipyard, Item Store, Astrid (Tavern)
Visby18E 28NNorthern EuropeRyeFish MeatAmber**requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit
**requires resource discovery in the Post


Murmansk33E 69NSupply Only
Narvik17E 69NSupply Only
Reykjavik22W 64NSupply Only

West Africa

PortLocationCultural SphereGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsGoodsFeatures
Abidjan4W 5NWest AfricaCoconutIvoryGold*
Arguin17W 21NWest AfricaIron OreWoodGold*
Benguela14E 13SWest AfricaWheatSaltFish MeatDiamond*Item Store
Benin5E 6NWest AfricaWheatCottonCharcoalIvory*
Cape Town19E 34SWest AfricaIron OreTin OreNiterDiamond*Black Market
Cape Verde23W 16NWest AfricaCoconutSaltAgate*
Luanda13E 9SWest AfricaHoneyFish MeatWood CarvingEbony Wood*
São Tomé7E 0NWest AfricaCoconutFish MeatPearlEmerald*
Sierra Leone13W 8NWest AfricaWheatFurDiamond*
St. George1W 5NWest AfricaCottonCopper OreAgateGold*Ivory**Post, Shipyard, Item Store, Shalin (Tavern)
*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit
**requires resource discovery in the Post

North Eurasia

Mangazeya72E 72NSupply Only

Eastmost Eurasia

Emishi144E 44NSupply Only
Petropavlovsk159E 53NSupply Only


Rapa Nui160W 70NSupply Only
Sitka136W 57NSupply Only

North America East Coast

Hopedale60W 55NSupply Only

Trade Goods by Port – Food

  • Anchovy – Fisheries Only
  • Banana – Caracas, Grand Cayman, Portobello, San Juan, Willemstad (Caribbean); Manila (SE Asia)
  • Butter – Ragusa, Sicily (E Europe); Calais, Dublin (N Europe)
  • Cheese – Lisbon, Nantes (W Europe); Palma (EEurope); Dublin, Groningen (NEurope)
  • Coconut – Aceh, Banjarmasin, Dili, Makassar, Samarai (SE Asia); Las Palmas (W Europe); Abidjan, Cape Verde, São Tomé (W Africa)
  • Cod – Fisheries Only
  • Corn – Bahia, Lambayeque, Lima, Pernambuco, Tumbes (S America)
  • Eel – Fisheries Only
  • Fish Meat – Anping, Naha, Tamsui (E Asia); Dili, Samarai (SE Asia); Zanzibar (Indian Ocean); Copiapó (S America); Azores, Ceuta, Madeira (W Europe); Visby (N Europe); Benguela, Luanda, São Tomé (W Africa)
  • Herring – Fisheries Only
  • Honey – Naha (E Asia); Socotra (Indian Ocean); Willemstad (Caribbean); Malaga (W Europe); Famagusta (E Europe); Bremen*, Calais (N Europe); Luanda (W Africa)
  • Mackerel – Fisheries Only
  • Olive Oil – Crete, Thessalonica, Tunisia (E Europe)
  • Potato – Mérida, Veracruz (Caribbean)
  • Rice – Bago, Banjarmasin, Gia Dinh, Jambi, Palembang, Pattani, Surabaya (SE Asia); Diu (Indian Ocean)
  • Rye – Danzig, Riga, Visby (N Europe)
  • Salmon – Fisheries Only
  • Salt – Jakarta, Jambi, Pattani (SE Asia); Madras, Mombasa (Indian Ocean); Azores, Nantes (W Europe); Benguela, Cape Verde (W Africa)
  • Sardine – Fisheries Only
  • Sausage – Buenos Aires (S America); Bordeaux, Porto, Seville (W Europe); Palma, Sicily (E Europe); Bremen (N Europe)
  • Sweet Potato – Acapulco (N America WC); Guatemala, Panama (S America)
  • Tuna – Fisheries Only
  • Wheat – Edo (E Asia); Kilwa, Natal, Toamasina (Indian Ocean); Bordeaux (W Europe); Benghazi, Cagliari, Trieste (E Europe); Bremen (N Europe); Benguela, Benin, Sierra Leone (W Africa)
  • White Sugar – Aceh, Jambi, Makassar (SE Asia); Jamaica, San Juan, Veracruz (Caribbean); Las Palmas, Madeira (W Europe)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

Trade Goods by Port – Medicine

  • Artemisia – Exploration Only
  • Chamomile – Marseilles (E Europe); Calais (N Europe)
  • Chinese Peony – Exploration Only
  • Ginseng – Hanyang, Pohang* (E Asia)
  • Maca – Bahia*, San Antonio, Valparaiso (S America)
  • Myrrh – Mogadishu, Mombasa, Socotra (Indian Ocean); Alexandria, Cairo (E Europe)
  • Oregano – Cagliari, Sicily, Syracuse (E Europe)
  • Quinine – Copiapó, Lambayeque, Lima (S America)
  • Rhino Horn – Kilwa*, Mogadishu*, Mozambique, Sofala Province (Indian Ocean)
  • Rose – Exploration Only
  • Turmeric – Aceh*, Gia Dinh* (SE Asia); Madras, Puducherry (Indian Ocean)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

Trade Goods by Port – Liquor

  • Aquavit – Bergen, Copenhagen, Oslo (N Europe)
  • Beer – Bremen, Hamburg, Lübeck (N Europe)
  • Brandy – Bordeaux*, Nantes* (W Europe); Marseilles (E Europe)
  • Gin – Amsterdam, Antwerp, Groningen (N Europe)
  • Port Wine – Lisbon*, Porto (W Europe)
  • Rum – Grand Cayman, Havana, San Juan (Caribbean)
  • Sake – Edo, Nagasaki (E Asia)
  • Sherry – Malaga*, Seville (W Europe); Palma* (E Europe)
  • Tequila – Guatemala, Panama (S America)
  • Whiskey – Dublin, London (N Europe)
  • Wine – Bordeaux, Malaga, Nantes, Porto (W Europe); Crete, Genoa (E Europe)
  • Yellow Rice Wine – Haizhou, Hangzhou (E Asia)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

Trade Goods by Port – Textiles

  • Carmine – Mérida*, Veracruz (Caribbean)
  • Cotton – Kochi, Machilipatnam, Massawa (Indian Ocean); Guatemala (S America); Beirut, Benghazi, Jaffa, Tripoli, Tunisia (E Europe); Benin, St. George (W Africa)
  • Cotton Fabric – Machilipatnam (Indian Ocean); Barcelona, Benghazi*, Tripoli (E Europe); Amsterdam (N Europe)
  • England Tweed – Dublin*, Edinburgh*, London* (N Europe)
  • Fur – Manila, Surabaya (SE Asia); Toamasina (Indian Ocean); Riga*, Stockholm (N Europe); Sierra Leone (W Africa)
  • Indian Calico – Calicut, Diu*, Kolkata, Machilipatnam (Indian Ocean)
  • Lace – Naples, Pisa (E Europe); Amsterdam*, Calais* (N Europe)
  • Natural Silk – Diu, Kolkata**, Machilipatnam (Indian Ocean)
  • Royal Purple – Suez (Indian Ocean); Famagusta*, Tunisia* (E Europe)
  • Sappanwood – Exploration Only
  • Silk – Hangzhou, Zhangzhou (E Asia)
  • Turkish Rug – Beirut, Istanbul, Sevastopol* (E Europe)
  • Wool – Bristol, Edinburgh, London**, Oslo (N Europe)
  • Woolen Fabric – Amsterdam, Antwerp, Edinburgh, London, Oslo (N Europe)
  • Velvet – Genoa, Marseilles*, Pisa, Venice (E Europe)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit
**requires resource discovery in the Post

Trade Goods by Port – Artware

  • Ancient Fine Art – Athens, Crete*, Thessalonica* (E Europe)
  • Blue and White Porcelain – Hangzhou* (E Asia)
  • Blue Porcelain – Lisbon, Porto* (W Europe)
  • Celadon – Hangzhou, Zhangzhou (E Asia)
  • Folding Fan – Macao (E Asia)
  • Glass Artware – Naples*, Ragusa*, Venice (E Europe)
  • Glass Ball – Naples (E Europe); Amsterdam, Groningen (N Europe)
  • Golden Artware – Malacca* (SE Asia); Valencia* (W Europe); Genoa* (E Europe); Antwerp*, Hamburg* (N Europe)
  • Jewelry – Pisa*, Venice (E Europe); Antwerp (N Europe)
  • Lacquerware – Nagasaki, Sakai (E Asia)
  • Marble Statue – Athens, Syracuse*, Thessalonica (E Europe)
  • Oil Painting – Genoa, Pisa, Venice (E Europe)
  • Papyrus Painting – Cairo (E Europe)
  • Pewterware – Valencia (W Europe); Copenhagen, Plymouth (N Europe)
  • Pottery – Casablanca, Ceuta (W Europe); Benghazi (E Europe)
  • Silver Artware – Maracaibo* (Caribbean); Valencia (W Europe), Naples (E Europe); Lübeck* (N Europe)
  • Soap – Marseilles (E Europe)
  • Tulip Bulb – Quest Only
  • White Porcelain – Busan*, Hanyang* (E Asia)
  • Wood Carving – Valparaiso (Caribbean); Luanda (W Africa)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

Trade Goods by Port – Industrial Goods

  • Armor – Copenhagen*, Hamburg, Lübeck (N Europe)
  • Beeswax – Hanyang, Tamsui (E Asia); Palembang (SE Asia); Mombasa (Indian Ocean); Willemstad (Caribbean); Famagusta, Syracuse (E Europe); Groningen* (N Europe)
  • Brass – Haizhou (E Asia); Kuching* (SE Asia); Suez (Indian Ocean); Trujillo (Caribbean); Sicily* (E Europe); Copenhagen (N Europe)
  • Cedar Wood – Massawa** (Indian Ocean); Ragusa (E Europe); Oslo*, Plymouth* (N Europe)
  • Charcoal – Nagasaki, Pohang, Tamsui (E Asia); Ternate (SE Asia); Puducherry (Indian Ocean); Maracaibo (Caribbean); Ragusa (E Europe); Benin (W Africa)
  • Copper Ore – Hanyang (E Asia); Gia Dinh, Jakarta (SE Asia); Aden, Natal, Puducherry (Indian Ocean); Portobello (Caribbean); Cagliari* (E Europe); Riga (N Europe); St. George (W Africa)
  • Damascus Knife – Beirut* (E Europe)
  • Ebony Wood – Davao*, Jakarta** (SE Asia); Ceylon, Natal* (Indian Ocean); Luanda* (W Africa)
  • Firearm – Lisbon**, Seville (W Europe); Barcelona*, Istanbul (E Europe)
  • Gunpowder – Kuching, Manila, Ternate* (SE Asia); Alexandria, Barcelona, Sevastopol (E Europe)
  • Iron Ore – Zhangzhou (E Asia); Goa (Indian Ocean); Tumbes (S America); Algiers, Barcelona, Beirut (E Europe); Plymouth, Stockholm (N Europe); Arguin, Cape Town (W Africa)
  • Katana – Edo*, Nagasaki*, Sakai (E Asia)
  • Korean Pine Wood – Anping, Hangzhou**, Pohang (E Asia)
  • Lead – Naha** (E Asia); Lopburi (SE Asia); Basrah (Indian Ocean); Trieste (E Europe); Lübeck (N Europe)
  • Linen – Malaga (W Europe); Famagusta, Marseilles, Trieste (E Europe)
  • Marble – Crete**, Syracuse, Thessalonica (E Europe)
  • Niter – Busan, Sakai** (E Asia); Hormuz, Massawa (Indian Ocean); Lima (S America); Caracas (Caribbean); Valencia (W Europe); Athens**, Sevastopol (E Europe); Bergen, Riga (N Europe); Cape Town (W Africa)
  • Oak – Pernambuco*, San Antonio* (S America); Trujillo* (Caribbean); Bergen* (N Europe)
  • Parchment – Athens (E Europe); Oslo (N Europe)
  • Peach Wood – Haizhou, Macao (E Asia)
  • Potassium Alum – Pohang (E Asia); Basrah**, Massawa* (Indian Ocean); Maracaibo (Caribbean); Athens*, Istanbul, Naples**, Sevastopol (E Europe)
  • Red Sandalwood – Ceylon, Goa*, Kolkata, Madras* (Indian Ocean)
  • Ship Spike – Haizhou (E Asia); Malacca (SE Asia); Aden, Kolkata, Suez (Indian Ocean); Nassau (Caribbean); Barcelona, Trieste* (E Europe); Bristol* (N Europe)
  • Sisal – Macao (E Asia); Lopburi*, Pattani* (SE Asia); Machilipatnam*, Suez* (Indian Ocean); Caracas*, Grand Cayman, Willemstad* (Caribbean)
  • Teak – Kolkata* (Indian Ocean)
  • Tin Ore – Busan (E Asia); Pattani (SE Asia); Basrah, Kilwa (Indian Ocean); San Antonio (S America); Cayenne (Caribbean); Plymouth (N Europe), Cape Town (W Africa)
  • Weapon – Malacca (SE Asia); Aden* (Indian Ocean); Havana, Nassau (Caribbean); Lisbon (W Europe); Algiers* (E Europe); Hamburg, London, Stockholm* (N Europe)
  • Wood – Brunei, Davao (SE Asia); Acapulco (N America WC); Trujillo (Caribbean); Cagliari (E Europe); Bergen, Bristol, Danzig (N Europe); Arguin (W Africa)
  • Wootz Steel – Madras, Puducherry* (Indian Ocean)
  • Zinc Ore – Anping (E Asia); Kuching (SE Asia); Aden (Indian Ocean); Tumbes (S America); Bristol (N Europe)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit
**requires resource discovery in the Post

Trade Goods by Port – Gemstones

  • Agate – Tamsui* (E Asia); Palembang (SE Asia); Mozambique (Indian Ocean); Santo Domingo, Veracruz** (Caribbean); Jaffa*, Tripoli* (E Europe); Cape Verde*, St. George (W Africa)
  • Amber – Danzig*, Stockholm**, Visby* (N Europe)
  • Blue Eye – Istanbul* (E Europe)
  • Coral – Naha* (E Asia); Jambi* (SE Asia); Panama (S America); Jamaica, San Diego* (Caribbean); Las Palmas*, Madeira* (W Europe)
  • Desert Rose – Ceuta* (W Europe); Algiers, Tunisia (E Europe)
  • Diamond – Benguela*, Cape Town*, Sierra Lione* (W Africa)
  • Emerald – Mozambique*, Sofala Province, Zanzibar* (Indian Ocean); Cairo* (E Europe); São Tomé* (W Africa)
  • Gold – Jakarta* (SE Asia); Sofala Province*, Toamasina** (Indian Ocean); Lima* (S America); Jamaica*, Maracaibo**, Veracruz* (Caribbean); Abidjan*, Arguin*, St. George* (W Africa)
  • Ivory – Abidjan, Benin*, St. George** (W Africa)
  • Jadeite – Bago, Palembang* (SE Asia);
  • Lapis Lazuli – Basrah*, Hormuz* (Indian Ocean)
  • Pearl – Sakai (E Asia); Makassar*, Malacca, Samarai* (SE Asia); Muscat* (Indian Ocean); Havana*, San Juan* (Caribbean); Azores* (W Europe); São Tomé (W Africa)
  • Rhodochrosite – Lambayeque*, Lima**, Tumbes* (S America)
  • Ruby – Lopburi (SE Asia); Calicut*, Ceylon** (Indian Ocean)
  • Sapphire – Bago* (SE Asia); Ceylon*, Toamasina* (Indian Ocean)
  • Silver – Busan, Sakai* (E Asia); Manila* (SE Asia); Hormuz** (Indian Ocean); Acapulco* (N America WC); Guatemala*, Panama*, Valparaiso* (S America); Cayenne*, Portobello* (Caribbean); Seville* (W Europe); Stockholm (N Europe)
  • Tortoise Shell – Edo (E Asia); Jeddah*, Zanzibar (Indian Ocean); Buenos Aires* (S America); Grand Cayman*, Nassau* (Caribbean)
  • Turquoise – Hormuz, Suez (Indian Ocean); Cairo** (E Europe)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit
**requires resource discovery in the Post

Trade Goods by Port – Hobby Goods

  • Cocoa – Pernambuco (S America); Caracas, Cayenne, Mérida, Portobello, San Diego, Santo Domingo (Caribbean)
  • Coffee – Jeddah, Massawa, Mogadishu, Mombasa (Indian Ocean)
  • Date Palm – Hormuz, Muscat (Indian Ocean); Jaffa (E Europe)
  • Mate – Bahia, Buenos Aires, San Antonio (S America)
  • Tea Leaf – Haizhou*, Macao, Zhangzhou (E Asia)
  • Tobacco – Copiapó* (S America); Havana, San Diego, Santo Domingo* (Caribbean)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

Trade Goods by Port – Spices

  • Agarwood – Brunei, Davao, Jakarta (SE Asia)
  • Ambergris – Anping* (E Asia) Socotra* (Indian Ocean); Casablanca* (W Europe)
  • Argan Oil – Casablanca (W Europe); Algiers (E Europe)
  • Cinnamon – Bago (SE Asia); Goa, Kochi (Indian Ocean)
  • Clove – Ambon*, Brunei*, Surabaya*, Ternate (SE Asia)
  • Black Pepper – Calicut, Ceylon, Kochi (Indian Ocean); Alexandria*, Venice* (E Europe)
  • Egyptian Essence – Alexandria, Cairo (E Europe)
  • Frankincense – Aden, Jeddah, Mombasa*, Muscat, Socotra (Indian Ocean); Alexandria, Istanbul (E Europe)
  • Mace – Ambon, Banjarmasin, Dili (SE Asia)
  • Musk – Macao*, Zhangzhou* (E Asia)
  • Nutmeg – Ambon, Banjarmasin*, Dili* (SE Asia)
  • Rosemary – Malaga, Seville, Valencia (W Europe); Palma (E Europe)
  • Saffron – Basrah, Muscat (Indian Ocean)
  • Vanilla – Maracaibo, Mérida, Trujillo (Caribbean)
  • White Sandalwood – Calicut, Goa, Kochi* (Indian Ocean)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

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