Potion Permit SaveAnywhere & ResolutionOverride Mod

Potion Permit SaveAnywhere & ResolutionOverride Mod

SaveAnywhere mod and ResolutionOverride mod for Potion Permit.

SaveAnywhere & ResolutionOverride Mod


Extract the contents of the zip into your game directory. The BepInEx directory should be alongside the Potion Permit_Data directory.


  • SaveAnywhere – None
  • ResolutionOverride – Config location in
...\Potion Permit\BepInEx\config\p1xel8ted.potionpermit.resoverride.cfg
  • Default is 3440×1440, 120Hz

The game when it sets the resolution, also sets the frame rate target to 60. The mod will set the frame rate target to whatever you set in the file.


  • SaveAnywhere – Just press F5 when you want to save. It won’t see your position in the world, but it will save any progress you’ve made since you last slept.
  • ResolutionOverride – Set resolution in mod config, set in game. Win.


On Nexus pending them approving the game. For now, on my GitHub.

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