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Princess & Conquest The Acquisition of Capital

A gentleman’s catalog to monetary gain, befitting those of noble stalk.

The Gaining of Wealth & It’s importance

Capital is by definition is any economic resource used by us, the finest of God’s flock, to buy what we need to make our products, or to provide our services to the sector of the economy upon which our operation is based. To this end, the market of ‘Swirlies’ is perhaps an unorthodox one but one ripe for settling nonetheless.

It should come to no surprise that those who cling desperately for an easy way of financial success shall inevitably end up suckling on the teets of the Milk Run, and her subsidiary ‘Yellow Cow’. While a Four-Hundred percent markup commands respect and is nothing to scoff at, the effective use of gambling is hardly an effective use of the young entrepreneur time.

But fret not, noble folk, for the pursuit of monetary gain is a passion which I yearn to share with all! And it is here that I detail my objective list of methods in which one can grasp the means of production, rising from their slums, to the height of his imagination!

A Catalog of Means of Monetary Gain

Mining & Harvesting: Take a blunt instrument, and venture deep into earth beneath the Kobold Kingdom’s ruins, or into the tunnels connecting the unindustrialized land of the Desert Kingdom to the civilized heart of the Clocktower! Breaking rocks in this manner has a chance of rewarding you with precious minerals which can be sold at respectable prices! Mem stones, Talmud, Tav, Ayin, and Aleph are rare indeed and can be afforded a pretty penny! Should fortune favor you, hundreds if not thousands of Swirlies will rush to your pockets if you peruse this venture! But the most valued treasure I have found lays at the bottom of the Abyss, deep below the Mermaid Kingdom. I of course speak of the pristine shells which lay in darkness, the sweet sub-aquatic gold which can be sold for the price of Three-Thousand-Seven-Hundred-Fifty Swirlies a pop!

Trafficking: Ahhh, pixies. The smallest creatures I have encountered, but quite profitable to sell en masse. Though perhaps not as high of a rate I would like, I find it much more agreeable that they should be bought and sold purposes I shan’t question. Typically this venture shall grant you a few hundred Swirlies, perhaps a thousand should you acquire every pixie. This method is highly consistent however, as they seem to flock back to the same watering hole to he West of the Golem Kingdom every dawn!

Exploitation of Natural Resources: The eager for consistent Capital should know about the bountiful harvest of Acerola and her Syrup. Indeed, her bounty may be sold for a resounding price to any merchant who is agreeable to buy! Several hundred Swirlies a bottle, around the mark of Seven-Hundred-Fifty!

Prostitution: Find perhaps an exotic slave at the markets for low price? Perhaps a progeny that you don’t much care for? Simply tired of a Princess’s bickering? Well fret not, they may be refined into profitable oil yet! By selling a harlot to the Brothel, they can be collected upon for financial gain! A consistent albeit occasionally slow draw, this method shall line your pockets at reasonable intervals.

Blood Money: Farming enemies can yield reasonable profit, for those who are comfortable investing the time and equipment to so. Using every area worthy (the ancient battlefield, Cuccos, and treasure dungeon respectively, you may find yourself with a few thousand tidy Swirlies per run. Not the worst, however not the best. But it is consistent, a credit I will lend it above some others.

It is my hope that with these instructions, others will find great success in the exploitation of the natural world. After all, what use is industry without those who have the oil to keep the gears of society turning?

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