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Pro Cycling Manager 2018: Keyboard Controls

Step into the shoes of sports manager and lead your pro cycling team through a challenge-packed 2018 season. Compete in over 200 races across 500 stages around the world, including famous Tours such as La Vuelta and the iconic Tour de France.

Keyboard Controls


  • Select riders: 1 to 9 of numeric pad(1= first choice, 2= 2nd, etc)
  • Select all the riders present in the target group: 0
  • Select all team members: Ctrl +1/2/3, etc.
  • Select a saved group of team members: 1/2/3, etc.
  • Target the next/previous rider: Left/Right arrow
  • Target the next/previous group: Page Up/Down
  • Target and select the next/previous team mate: Up/Down arrow
  • Sort rider control panels according to current race positions: Backspace
  • Move a rider sideways: Numpad 4/Numpad 6


  • Display/Hide rider control panels: F2
  • Display/Hide race profile/time-gaps: F3
  • Display/Hide rider information panel: F4
  • Display/Hide all interface elements: Ctrl + U
  • Display/Hide windsock: O
  • Display in-race information page: Space bar


  • Default camera: F5
  • Switch between cameras: F6


  • Display online help: F1
  • Victory celebrations: W / X / C / V / B / N / ,
  • Increase/Reduce game speed: +/-
  • Pause game/Resume at normal speed: P

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