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Project: Gorgon – How to Earn 10,000 Gold in 1 Hour

How to Earn 10,000 gold in 1 Hour.

How to Earn 10,000 gold in 1 Hour

I learned today one powerful way to farm gold in Project:Gorgon.

This guide is for a fairly new player with low to mid level skills and gear. My advice is to try to kill the mobs listed, and if they are too difficult, grind out a few more levels and better gear and come back a few days later.

North of Serbule is the zone of Eltibule.

Once out of the Serbule portal in Eltibule go a little northeast and you will find lots of fire spiders and fire rats. Farm the fire spiders and to a lesser extent fire rats, and they drop plenty of fire dust (sometimes 4 dust per kill).

I was able to easily farm 100 fire dust in less than 1 hour.

Next go to the Vendor named Jesina in Eltibule. Jesina is located to the West of Eltibule Keep. Basically she is in the middle to middle left of the Eltibule zone.

Jesina pays 100 gold per fire dust, and has a 10,000 gold bank.

Other vendors will buy fire dust. Players also may want to buy fire dust too .. ask in trade chat. Someone messaged me today immediately asking to buy at 100g when I messaged in global chat about this gold making technique.

Written by Chief Wiggum

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