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Raft How to Kill Warthog

A guide detailing the easiest strategies I have found to deal with The Warthog.

How to Kill Warthog

How to Kill Warthog in Raft

The Warthog can be found on large islands.

When it looks at you and stops moving, it means it’s going to charge so be ready to dodge by sprinting [shift] out of the way. It scratches the ground 3 times with its hoof before charging. It will be stun for a few seconds after the charge, this is your chance to attack it with the bow or with the spear if it didn’t get too far. Use the rocks around you to control where it will stop after charging you. If you’re hunting with a friend you can have one drawing its attention while the other attacks it.

Once dead, it gives 3 Leather, 2 Raw Meat and 1 Warthog Head.

18 HP (easy/normal) / 22 HP (hard)
Hits required to kill it.

Weapon:Wooden SpearStoneMetal SpearStone ArrowMacheteMetal Arrow

How to attack a Warthog

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