Red Dead Redemption 2 – Bring Beau’s Letter to Penelope Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption 2 Mission Walkthrough

Bring Beau’s Letter to Penelope

  1. Sneak into the grounds and avoid the guards in Braithwaite Manor.
  2. Go to Penelope at the farthest Gondola in the property.
  3. Talk to her.
  4. Leave the manor without being seen.
  5. Return to Beau at Caliga Hall.

1. Check the Guards’ Positions in the Map

Familiarize yourself first with the position of the guards in Braithwaite’s Manor before going inside. You can get the full outline of the manor, the guards, and Penelope’s location through the Map

1. Wait for the Guards to Move from Their Position

The guards have a patrol pattern that you can easily learn. Wait for them to turn around or move positions before going along the manor.

4. Escape the Manor with a Rowboat

There are a few rowboats near where Penelope is. Use them to get out of the area without getting caught. Just make sure to dock near your horse’s location so you can call him.

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