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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Catch the Escaping Criminals Walkthrough

Catch the Escaping Criminals

  • Catch up to the train.
  • Jump on the the train.
  • Run after the criminals.
  • Defeat the criminal on the roof of the train.
  • Run after Anders Anderson.
  • Beat him in a fist fight.
  • Pick up Anderson.
  • Put Anderson at the back of your horse.
  • Ride to the Sheriff’s Office in Rhodes.
  • Carry Anderson off your horse.
  • Talk to Hosea.
  • Choice: Decline or accept offer to go fishing.

Go Faster as the Train Slows Down in the Station

The train will slow down as it enters the train station so take advantage of this! Push your horse to go at its fastest for a few seconds to catch up to the train.

Jump of the Flat Carriage of the Train

Get on the train by aligning your horse right next to the flat carriage. You will get a prompt to jump when you get close enough to it.

Block then Counter Attacks

Fight smart by knowing when to block and countering enemy attacks. When an enemy is about to punch you, block their attack\ to get an opening to punch them back.

Choice: Go Fishing with Hosea & Dutch

If you choose to go fishing, Hosea will lead you to a creek where the three of you will fish together. Decline the offer and this completes the New South Mission.

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