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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Escape O’Driscoll’s Captivity Walkthrough

Escape O’Driscoll’s Captivity

  1. Endure the beating.
  2. Swing yourself to escape captivity.
  3. Tend to your bullet wound.
  4. Take Down Approaching Guard.
  5. Stealthily escape the captivity.
  6. Escape O’Driscoll’s camp on horseback.

2 & 3. Follow Prompts to Escape & Tend Your Wounds

Follow the prompts shown on the screen to escape and tend to your shot wound.

4. Use the Throwing Knives From the Guard For Stealth Kills

You will acquire sets of throwing knives off the guard which you first take down. Use these to silently kill other guards from distance during your escape.

5. Your Core Status Will Be Completely Depleted

After escaping captivity, your Core Status will all be depleted and in the worst possible shape. Try to avoid upfront combat as much as you can.

5. Recover Your Gear or Steal Pistol From Killed Gangs

You can find your weapon and gear at the pistol-marked location on the minimap. You may also steal a pistol off a dead gang, to use during your escape.

6. Outrun the Enemies on Horseback

You do not need to kill all enemies during this section and can outrun the enemy on horseback. You may use pistol to fend off the pursuers, but prioritize getting away from the enemies as you can.

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