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Red Dead Redemption 2: Hobby Horse Trophy Guide

Hobby Horse Trophy Guide

Hobby Horse – Play all mini games.

There are four different mini games in Red Dead Redemption 2, and you will need to play each one of them against some opponent for this trophy. There are some games, like five finger fillet, that you can play by yourself. This will not count towards the trophy for some reason so you will need to wait for someone to show up to play against. All mini games, and location where they appear, are listed below.

  • Blackjack: Rhodes (second floor of the saloon), Van Horn (saloon in center of town), Blackwater (saloon near the middle of town)
  • Dominoes: Saint Denis (table in the park just south of the “N”), Emerald Station (at Emerald Ranch), Blackwater (southwest of town)
  • Five Finger Fillet: Valentine (small saloon on east side of town), Van Horn (behind one of the buildings on the west side of town), Strawberry (southwest of town near the river)
  • Poker: Flatneck Station (in southern New Hanover), Valentine (main saloon on north end of town), Saint Denis (saloon in center of town), Blackwater (saloon in center of town), Tumbleweed (only saloon in town)

You do not need to win any of these, you only need to play one round or one hand for the trophy. The hardest will be five finger fillet as some locations do not have a guy sitting down to compete with you. In Valentine, you can wait for a while in the saloon (ordering food seems to help) until someone walks over to the table before you. If you’re having a hard time, you can just go to Strawberry. There is usually a person sitting down waiting for you when you get in town.

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