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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Home Robbery Sean Walkthrough

Home Robbery Sean

The mission marker should appear in the gang camp in the third chapter of the game. Talk to Sean.

After listening to the plan, go with Sean to a marked place – it’s a small hut west of the Bluewater Marsh. Hide away and wait until Sean kills his first opponent. Join the battle and eliminate more enemies. But don’t kill the last bandit, because you need to listen to him. You’ll find out where the cache is located.

You can already enter the building. The most valuable finding is shown in the picture – the box is behind the boards. This is the corner to the left of the entrance to the building. You will find some cash. Once you’ve completed your mission, continue your search to find even more treasures (including money lying on the view, collector’s card and Double-Action Revolver in a metal chest under the bed.)

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  1. When you do this mission and get the double action revolver from under the bunk bed. Right after the mission is over go up and and find the “stranger “. Whoch starts side mission “hes obviously british” I think it’s called. Go right back to the cabin and the double action revolver is there again. So you can now double wield it. I dont know if this works for all missions, where guns are found. But it worked for me for this one.


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