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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Honor, Amongst Thieves Walkthrough

Honor, Amongst Thieves

Honor, Amongst Thieves is one of the main missions available in Red Dead Redemption 2. Colonel Favours stops vaccine deliveries to Wapiti reservation – he wants to punish them for the recent events. Monroe asks Arthur to help him steal the vaccine from the army.

How to get a gold medal in Honor, Amongst Thieves?

  • Recover the vaccine without being detected – This has been described in our walkthrough to RDR2.
  • Complete within 5 minutes – Quickly approach the wagon, jump on it, and recover the vaccine. After that, you have to ride to Monroe.

To start this RDR2 mission, approach Captain Monroe near the Wapiti Indian Reserve.

He says a wagon of vaccines and medicine meant for the Native Americans have been diverted south by Colonel Favours to “punish” them.

Follow Captain Monroe to where the wagon is. Arthur is going to retrieve the medicine for them – discreetly, hopefully.

Once you get to the vantage point, get off the horse and follow Monroe to the edge of the cliff so you can see the wagon when it comes.

Keep in mind, these supplies can’t be destroyed, or you’ll fail the mission.

If you attack the wagon, its horses, or its people, in any way, they will magically know exactly where you are no matter what and start shooting. If you want to go undetected, you cannot attack, and you have to get the goods before the wagon reaches its final destination and stops. Actually, if you wait until it stops at its final destination, you’ll probably be gunned down while trying to retrieve the medicine.

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Instead, here’s what you need to do.

How to Recover the Vaccine Without Being Detected

  • Get on your horse.
  • Head toward the direction of the cart so you can loop behind it, so the soldiers never see you.
  • Take the road, staying mostly behind the wagon, and approach it.
  • Get to one side of the wagon.
  • When you’re in position, press square/x to jump into the wagon and crouch down. RDR2 does not prompt this action when on horseback.
  • Steal the supplies with triangle/y.
  • Jump off the back of the wagon with square/x.

Now call for your horse and race back to Captain Monroe as fast as you can with the medicine so you can complete the mission under the time limit to get the Gold Medal.

When you arrive, Captain Monroe will be grateful and promptly get to work.

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