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Red Dead Redemption 2 – The Iniquities of History Walkthrough

The Iniquities of History Summary

Unlocked: Complete Chapter 3’s “An Honest Mistake” – The stranger’s name is Jeremiah Compson, and he lies on a bench outside the Rhodes train station. Speak to him, then make your way to his old house in the north. Access it through the backdoor and search for his belongings.

The antique pocket watch rests on the fireplace in the living room. The second fireplace has a photo which you can examine. Once you do, two thugs armed with knives will attack you. Take them out whichever way you want.

After the fight, pick up Compson’s broken pistol. Head to the trap door in the parquet floor and go downstairs to find a secret basement to find the ledger. Once you have these three items, head back to Jeremiah and speak to him.

The Iniquities of History Walkthrough

The Iniquities of History is one of the side quests available in Red Dead Redemption 2. Here, your goal is to help one of the citizens of Rhodes. Arthur has to recover a few items from an abandoned farm. Our walkthrough has all the locations of the objects.

Meet with Jeremiah Compson in Rhodes. Promise him that you will recover the items from his family house.

Head to Compson’s Stead. Get inside the building. Arthur has to find three items. One of them, the Antique Pocket Watch, lies on the green chimney (presented in the picture above).

Examine the photography standing on the larger chimney. Two bandits should appear in the building – defeat them. You don’t have to fight with them using your knife. You can shoot them. One of the enemies drops Compson’s Pistol.

The last item is in the basement. Go back to the place with the large chimney. Take a look at the trapdoor presented in the picture above. Use any of your weapons to destroy the lock. Go down into the basement.

Find the Ledger presented in the picture above. Leave the building or keep exploring it (you can find, i.e. a Cigarette Card).

Go to Compson’s camp and give him all the items.

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