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Red Dead Redemption 2 – We Loved Once and True Walkthrough

We Loved Once and True

We Loved Once and True is a multi-part mission available in Red Dead Redemption 2’s second chapter. Arthur meets Mary, his old lover. The man also has to search for her brother who joined Chelonia cult.

How to get a gold medal in We Loved Once and True?

  • Peacefully convince the Chelonians to let you take Jamie. Choose the first (peaceful) dialog options when you are talking with the master.
  • Return Jamie to Mary within 2 minutes – Try to travel with the maximum allowed speed. Also, don’t lose too much time when you reach the train station.

Look for Jamie

  • Choice A: Help Mary.
    Choice B: Don’t Help Mary.
  • Mount your horse, and head to a hill west of Cumberland Forest.
  • Go to the top of the hill to find Jamie with a group of Chelonians.
  • Try to convince the Chelonians to let you talk to Jamie.

Choose To Help, Or Not Help Mary

You will be given the choice to help Mary bring back Jamie or not. Choosing to help Mary will lead you to look for Jamie.

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Choose How To Deal With The Chelonians

You will have different options to choose from when trying to convince the Chelonians to let you talk to Jamie. Either the aggressive or peaceful way, will make Jamie run away from you.

Chase Down Jamie

  • Follow Jamie on your horse down the hill.
  • Chase Jamie off the road through an open field.
  • Continue chasing Jamie through a farm.
  • Follow Jamie up to the train tracks as he scares away his horse.

This is a Linear Mission Sequence

Follow Jamie as best as you can. He has a very fast Horse so try to balance making your Horse sprint, and maintaining a good amount of Stamina.

Bring Jamie to His Sister

  • Disarm Jamie Using Dead Eye.
  • Bring Jamie To His Sister.

Work Fast to Disarm Jamie

Even though time is slowed down during Dead Eye, it would be best to try and disarm Jamie as soon as possible. If you aren’t fast enough, Jamie will shoot himself, and you will fail the mission.

Bring Jamie To His Sister Quickly

It would be best to get Jamie to his sister in under 2 minutes as this will complete a mission challenge. Try to get to Jamie’s sister as fast as possible.

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