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Resident Evil 2 – Look for Power Panel Parts Walkthrough

Look for Power Panel Parts

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1. Head back to the Parking Garage.
2. The Eastern side of the Parking Garage will have a door that you can enter.
3. Immediately make a right after entering and follow the path.
4. At the end of the path, there will be a door to your left which you will need to enter.
5. The room will have Zombie Dogs in cages, this is the Kennel.
6. Make your way to the Northeast part of the room with a red light.
7. The end of the room will have a door for you to enter.
8. Immediately turn left and enter through the door directly in front of you, which is the Morgue.
9. Head to the left side of the Morgue and open the second Morgue Cabinet from the left
10. Interact the body to get a key.
11. Exit the morgue and turn right, there will be a door which you can use the Tool.
12. Continue forward, and turn enter the first door on your right.
13. Get the Boxed Electronic Part on one of the drum cans.
14. Examine the Boxed Electronic Part to get the Electronic Part.
15. At the end of the room interact with the machine with 4 switches.
16. Solve the puzzle to unlock the door on the other side of the room.

5. The Kennel

Zombie Dogs Will Be Released From Their Cages
The Zombie Dogs inside the Kennel will get out of their cages later on as you progress. You can choose to skip combat with these dogs, and just run past them since they don’t do any significant damage.

8. Morgue

Kill The Zombie Next To The Door
Once you enter the Morgue, there will be a Zombie lying next to it. Shooting it will reanimate it. It is recommended to kill it now so that it will not reanimate and block your path as you leave the Morgue.

10. Getting The Key

Taking The Key Will Reanimate The Body
As soon as you get the Key from the body, you will reanimate it. You can choose to outrun it, and save your bullets. Since, the Zombie next to the door is already dead, you have a clear path to the exit.

14. Examining The Boxed Electrical Part

Turn The Box Around To Open It
When examining the Boxed Electrical Part, you can turn it around to find a flap which you can lift. This will open the Box to reveal the Electrical Part.

16. Solving The Puzzle

Flip The Third And Fourth Switches
The objective is to get both the pointers on the machine to rest at the red area. Flipping both the switches on the right will trigger the puzzle being solved.

Look for Power Panel Parts / Part 2

1. Retrace your steps to get out of the room.
2. Leave the room and immediately make a left.
3. Pass through the Kennel again, and immediately make a right after exiting.
4. Make a right at the first crossroad, and enter the door parallel to a red hydrant with a light.
5. In this room you will find a Box which you can examine to get a Key.
6. Going further inside the room will show you a door which you can unlock with the other Key you got earlier.
7. Head back into the parking Garage and use examine the latest key you found to unlock a Police Car trunk.
8. The trunk will give you a Gun Stock for Matilda.
9. Head back to the Eastern Door and continue forward.
10. Take the first left to enter the now unlocked door.
11. Continue following up the path and up the stairs.
12. At the top of the stairs, make a sharp right to find a room behind you.
13. In this room you can manage your inventory and save the game.
14. Continue exploring the room to find another Electrical Part.

1 and 12. Looking For Power Panel Parts

No Need To Combat Enemies
Several enemies will pursue you during this segment. You can outrun the Zombies, but the Dogs will be able to chase you. Since Zombie Dogs only do a small amount of damage, you can choose to ignore them and save your bullets.

7. Examining The Car Key

Turn The Key Around To Reveal The Unlock Button
When examining the Key, you can turn it around to reveal some buttons that can unlock the Police Car. Pressing unlock will remotely open the trunk for you.

Discard The Car Key After Getting The Stock
After getting the Stock, you can opt to discard the Car Key from your inventory. It will have no use anymore, and will only take up precious space in your inventory.

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