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Road 96 Offshore Worker Test

You finally reach the border now you just need to choose how you’re going to cross. Hiding in a truck, meeting a smuggler, the abandoned tunnels, or climb the peak. You can choose those, but you can also choose the Offshore Test by walking past all the trucks reaching the entrance/gate some sort of checkpoint to the border.

Road 96 is a crazy, beautiful road-trip. The discovery of exciting places, and unusual people on your own personal journey to freedom. You can check out: Road 96 Safe codes and Road 96 Achievements guides.

The border and the waiting room

by walking past all the trucks reaching the entrance/gate some sort of checkpoint to the border

Talk to the Guard who asks you for the Offshore worker exam and just select the option that you are (“I am actually”). Then you will be in the waiting room, Be sure to pay attention to the guard talking in the room he gives some of the answers you will need to pass the Offshore exam.

Once you start the exam you’ll face some of these questions which I placed in order from my gameplay.

The Test

Question 1: What is your candidate number?
Questions 2: How Old is your eldest child
-One-year old
Question 3: If you pass, how long will your stay abroad be?
-5 years total
Question 4: What age will your eldest child be when you return from abroad?
-Six-years old
Question 5: Are you or, ever been a Black Brigade?
Question 6: Have you ever listened to illegal radio stations? be honest.
Question 7: when the the Black Brigade terrorist attack occur?
-September 9, 1986
Question 8: Who is Sonya Sanchez?
-TV news anchor
Question 9: who is our great president?
Question 10: What percent of your pay will be sent back to Petria as a tribute to your homeland?
-70% (Not to sure on this one)
Question 11: which of the following do you enjoy the most?
-Writing to a foreign pen pal

When taking the exam try not to bribe the guard, I don’t know what it does, but I’m just going to assume that will also lead you to get arrested.

After answering all these questions, the Guard giving you the exam might ask you if you answered all questions truthfully,
“I already know, but I want to hear it from you”.
Just say you answered them all truthfully (Yes, Of course!).

The other options might lead you to being arrested instead of successfully crossing the border, If bonus question doesn’t pop up you’re set. You’ll be back in the waiting room waiting for your results.

Different Questions

Important!!!: There is a chance you won’t get the same questions I have here when talking the Offshore Test. Feel free to tell me the ones I missed to update this guide and leis them here. I know it will ask you

Petria being a good place or something similar. Just answers with Yes, Petria is great.

“Do you like living in dormitories?”, myself, and I answered it with “Yes.” I passed. It was question 10 when I received it.

Even if you mess up on one of the questions I’m pretty sure you’ll still be able to pass the test. I could be wrong, but hey I hope this helps someone at least.


Congrats you passed! Off you go to the Sonya Show.

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