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Seed of the Dead Sweet Home Official R18 Patch and more

For all you lovelies out there.

Official R18 Patch

You can visit the link below to download the patch.


Simply move the files into your installation directory. There are infographic instructions in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean. You will know the patch is applied if you see the R next to the version number when opening the game. Note: Most likely will need to be downloaded and re-applied after steam updates of the game.


A demosaic was made and provided courtesy of DarkSpartan. You can download it here.

Demosaic (Google Drive)

Instructions included, similar to the R18 path, just dump the files in the installation directory.

Pres F4 to toggle mosaic.

Known Major Issues

A major issue many people might run into is that when you load into the game, you notice that none of the keys are responding. There will be bracketed hyphens [-] displayed where keys for actions should be displayed. If you played a trial version or a previous beta version before and have a save file from that, please delete it. That is most likely what is causing this issue.

Save file paths are located here:

If your save persist, disable Steam cloud sync for the game before deleting and try again. You can alternatively delete your steam cloud save folder for the game.

Written by God of Snacks

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