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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: Inner Sanctum Walkthrough

Inner Sanctum Walkthrough

Now that you’ve defeated the Folding Screen Monkeys, the Divine Child’s voice will call out, and you’ll awaken in the Inner Sanctum of the temple. Enter to find the Divine Child, and ask for the Mortal Blade.

You’ll be told that to draw the blade is certain death – but when has that ever stopped you? Take the blade anyway, and you’ll revive to gain the Mortal Blade – which can be used to kill that which cannot be killed by other means. This also means you can now kill Infested Priests in the temple to stop them from coming back (at least until you rest at a Sculptor’s Idol). It also grants you a new Combat Art – the Mortal Draw, which unleashes the blade in a large attack swing with lingering damaging mist. However, you’ll still use your regular katana for most fighting.

After speaking to the Divine Child, she’ll decide to assist you in your quest, and offer you… Rice! Rice can be used to regenerate vitality over time, much like a Pellet, but we also know someone who wants some Rice.

Before that however, look around the back of the building to find a Pellet, then look for a portal back to the Halls of Illusion. If you decided to accept Kotaro’s request to “spirit him away”, you’ll find that he’s now living happily in this realm with all the lost children of the rejuvenating waters. As thanks for this, he’ll give you the Taro Persimmon, which will greatly increase posture recovery beyond that of a normal Persimmon – so use it wisely!

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