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Self Defense Dojo: How to Earn Money

In this guide I will explain how to earn money at a decent pace.

Self Defense Dojo: How to Earn Money

Now to start I feel that the best time to get this started is as soon as you have free roam of the map. Ignore the girls (yes i know that seems counter productive to the objective of the game) for now cause once you have enough money to buy all the stuff, this game pretty much becomes a walk in the park.

There is 1 option, 2 mini games, and probably one buff chick involved in this method. I will break each one down into a section.

The first 2 days (construction job)

This part is pretty simple. As soon as you have free roam of the world, I think after the introduction of the first girl (I call her Housewife or Milf cause I cant remember her name). You will go to the construction site and do the part time job twice. Your starting stamina should be enough to do the job twice in a day. Return to then Dojo on the first night to sleep. After you do the first job on the second day, when you speak to the foreman, he will offer you a way to to make more money. This is the mining mini game which is the next section.


The Mining Mini Game.

You start off with the most basic of basic drills. You can buy an upgraded drill for a fair amount of money. The other 2 drills are bought through the fishing mini game. I will touch on that later.

The controls are pretty basic left mouse hold angles you left, right mouse hold angles you right, and no mouse buttons lets you go straight down.

Each drill has its own HP. When you only have one as soon as its gone your run is over. If you have more than one as long as you start with the weakest one when its HP is gone you automatically pull out the next one in order until you are using the current best one you own ( which will prolong your run making it so you earn more money). You have to repair them in order to use them so keep track of how much its going to cost you and make sure you have that much money when to you go back but you should have it cause he will pay you as soon as you visit him the next day.

During the run you want to avoid rocks and gravel as much as you can ( there’s just no way to avoid them all together cause the drills have some really bad steering, and some of the good stuff is hidden beneath the debris). They do give you a tiny bit of money when you break them. You want to aim for gold nugget, gold gravel, chest, in that order because that what pays from the most to the least.

You have to visit the foreman the next day cause that’s when he will pay you for the previous day. both runs will be added together when he pays you. DO NOT MISS HIM the day after you do a mining run or you will lose all the money you earned that previous day.

You are going to repeat this until the night of 5/15. When you go to sleep on that night you will have a dream/nightmare (depending on how you look at it).

This starts the next stage.

Big Bertha

The morning of 5/16 you will wake up from a nightmare that introduces Big Bertha and whats shes going to do to you if you lose against her.

Go into the training room to have the master introduce you to the niece of his adversary ( he doesn’t want to face her cause shes a “pretty girl”).

This battle is pretty much the same as when you are training the girls (before you seduce them). Just alternate left and right mouse click as fast as you can (build that finger dexterity). For the second part
you just have to time the mouse click so it stops in the zone.

Beating her will earn you 20000 dollars and a healthy boost to your strength and skill levels. She comes back every five day for the next 30 days and get tougher each time until its impossible if you don’t level up your strength and skill level (I found out the hard way on the 3rd or 4th time I faced her in my first play thru) but that’s not what this guide is about. But if you have fast fingers you should be ok for the second challenge in five days with out training.

After you win that battle you should have enough money to to buy the second best fishing rod in the game and a lot of stamina items (you will need them for the next part).

Now on to the next and last part.

Fishing and Mining Bender

For this part you are going to go mining during the day and then go fishing at night (Ill explain fishing in the next Paragraph or 2) only take the night off of fishing the night before a challenge event which will be the night of 5/20 unless you have all stuff the fisherman sells before that.

To fish you will have to cast your rod out far enough in front of a fish so that it in the water for a second or two before the fish reaches it (the timing is tricky and something you will have to figure out for yourself but for the fastest fish you will have to cast on the opposite side of the screen as soon as it appears)

The larger the fish the more points you earn towards the fisherman’s shop. You can cast and real as much as you want without losing stamina as long as a fish isn’t playing with the hook. You can tell a fish is playing with the hook when it’s shadow turns red. When the shadow turns red you have to wait until the bobber gets pulled under water completely if you click before that you will lose the fish,10 stamina, and advance the time forward 15 minutes. After the bobber is underwater you have a second or two to click to left mouse button or you also lose the fish,10 stamina and advance the time. When you catch the fish you will see how many points it is worth and then lose 10 stamina and advance the time forward.

Do this all night replenishing stamina as needed until 8 o’clock in the morning. You will know its 8 o’clock in the morning when you catch a fish and the fisherman makes a comment about it or by looking at the upper. When you don’t see any more large fish ( they are worth the most) showing up all you have to do is back out of the mini game and enter it again and they should respawn. If you are decent at this you should have enough fish bucks after the first night (I was making between roughly 800 and a 1200 fish bucks every night) to buy both upgraded drills the fisherman has.

Then head over to the construction site and if you haven’t bought the gold drill yet do so now. You should have all 4 drills now and be able to spend a very long time mining during each round going as far down as 1000 plus meter therefore earning a crap ton of moolah ( I was able to get about 200000 to 300000 an in game day. At night go back to fishing until you have bought all the fisherman’s stuff (that isn’t a reoccurring)

Repeat the mining mini game during the day until you have every non-reoccurring item bought from the shop and the black market vendors.


And there you have it the rest of the game should be a cake walk.

Go get them girls now *wink *wink

Don’t worry if you don’t get every scene in one play thru, there is a new game plus mode that lets you carry over a few items, whatever money you have left over and your skill and strength levels.

Oh and FYI your strength and skill levels have to be at certain points in order to buy new judo books.

Written by Atreyu_Dresden

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