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Sexy Mystic Survivors How to farm Gold

How to farm Gold (including Extreme difficulty).

Sexy Mystic Survivors How to farm Gold

For character you’l need to pick Melisandre.

In order to farm gold efficiently, you better max Luck and Gold gain passives and get +Luck and +Gold items in the game.

Start Stage 2 and proceed to farm your main weapons first and pay attention to passives spawned on map, in general you’l need to passives for weapon evolution to spawn.

This is an example of successful build.

Weapon priority(updated):

  • Fire Boots Evo 1
  • Rapier Evo 2/Chain Amulet/Sun Stone Evo 1
  • Scythe (default weapon) Evo 2 or Evo 1
  • Bow Evo 1
  • Energy Shield Evo 2
  • Holy Cross Evo 1


General guide for Sexy Mystic Survivors

You can also do this with lesser talents, etc, so it’s not a hard requirement, just to help you understand the general idea behind this. Gold farming runs are usualle between 50k to 130k, with a possible max 150k+-, but that one depends on how much chest you will drop from normal mobs, which will bring the last part – The Relics.

In general you’l only need a mandatory one – 0.1% chance to spawn chest from Normal mobs. In order to maximize this you’l need max possible Luck, since chests with 3 and 5 items give much more gold.

If you are feeling strong enough, also pick two additional Relics, one which gives Gold from kills and another one which converts EXP into Gold, this relic just decrease your EXP gains and will not erase it completely.

Walk constantly and your Rapier Evo 2 will shred all chest on screen nonstop, also pay attention to green spheres, you’l ne

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