Slime Rancher – Gold Slime Basics

The last slime on the list.

Gold Slime Basics

The gold slime is currently the rarest slime in the whole game. the gold slime is sorta like the lucky slime. It is found in almost every area but is really hard to find. Here is a map of all the spawn locations of the gold slime.

There are currently no gold slime gordos in the game.
The gold slime has no favourite toy.
The gold slimes plorts have a def. value of 200.

Gold Slime Homeland

Im not going to add more words to this then I need to, here are all the places you can find golds slimes.

  • Dry Reef
  • Moss Blanket
  • Indigo Quarry
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Glass Desert

Exacly the same as the lucky slime.

Gold Slime Diet

The gold slime is one of only two slimes in the whole game that will eat anything. Fruit, Veggies, meat, it can eat anything!

The gold slimes favourite food is by far the rarest veggie in the whole game, the gilded ginger.

The guilded ginger will change location every day in game. It is really hard to find. So hard infact that I have never found one.

More of this sort of thing:

  1. How about adding information about the gold plort caches that Hobbes hid, accessible after the credits? Do plots have any uses besides selling them?

  2. Found a guilded ginger in the desert ruins near the tangle gordo slime ramps on the right. It makes a sleigh bell sound hardly discernible from the mosaic slime sound.

  3. Well they just seem to be located in the desert, just found another one on the top left of the glass desert map

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