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Smile For Me: Walkthrough, Endings and Achievements Guide

Smile For Me is a wonderful game, and everyone should be able to experience it-even if puzzles aren’t their forte! This guide includes a walkthrough for satisfying all 22 of the habiticians as well as a brief guide on how to unlock all of the achievements and a guide to the three currently known endings.


Just as this guide’s description says, I firmly believe in accessibility for people of all skill levels when it comes to games-and since I enjoyed Smile For Me so much, I wanted to help it be playable for as many people as possible, even those who aren’t as comfortable when it comes to puzzle solving.

The way I’ve laid it out makes it more accessible for those who are using it as a complete guide, played from beginning to end, but the answers to any possible questions are also held within it regardless of the order it’s accessed in. All you have to know is the first name of the character you’re trying to help, and you should have little to no trouble finding what you need via cntrl/cmd + f. That being said, I’m hoping to add a character index in the next little while for those who have trouble matching faces to names.

Regardless! Hopefully this guide is helpful to whoever needs it. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions that you feel aren’t covered in this guide.

The Apartments, Part 1

Nat Vancey: Complete the tutorial. You’ll be revisiting her later when you do Trencil’s real quest.

Dallas Smuth (painter): Eavesdrop on the Mirphy to learn what she likes, and answer Dallas’s questions accordingly. (small canvas, not packed with action/movement, no green, no dogs). Give the painting to Mirphy, and she’ll give you her old camera. Talk to Dallas again, and he’ll move out of your way. Come back later and he’ll have a quest for you.

Mirphy Photoparat (photographer): She’ll give you her camera in return for a favor she’ll ask of you later.

Lulia Fame (sad girl in the stairwell): It’ll take some time before you’ll be able to help her, but make a point of talking to her from time to time until you can.

The Courtyard, Part 1

Ronbo (clown): Talk to Ronbo. He’ll vent about how much he misses his ex and asks you to get her locket down off the Lounge’s sign. In order to do so, you’ll have to use Milie’s golf ball cannon to knock it loose. Once you’ve done that, retrieve the locket, give it to Ronbo, and he’ll ask for a picture of his ex. In order to find out who his ex is, go back upstairs and use the locket’s key to open the locked room. Get the megaphone from on top of the dresser. Go back down to the courtyard and head into the cavern (you’ll need Trencil’s shears to access that area, which you can see how to get below). You’ll find a wall with a chunk missing out of it—use the camera and take a picture of Tiff (the young woman with the round glasses). Give the photo to Ronbo, and he’ll open the gate to the carnival for you.

Milie Coulro (little golf child): Like knocking the locket off the sign, hitting Ronbo basically involves a series of small adjustments until you line up the shot just right. Once you do, Milie will give you the Erythronium Seed she found. Make sure you plant it in the pot on your windowsill—you’ll need it later if you want the good ending.

Trencil Varnnia (caped man in the corner): Talk to Trencil, and he’ll ask you to plant flowers in the pots around the courtyard to brighten things up a bit. He’ll give you a spade, which will be useful when you’re treasure hunting later. The purple flower goes in the pot nearest Trencil. The pink flower goes in the pot to the right of the “9/10 doctors” poster. The yellow flower goes in the pot next to the bench and Milie. Once they bloom the following morning, talk to Trencil again and he’ll give you his shears. You’ll be helping him again later.

Gillis Soco (the bouncer): Take a photo of him and put it over the lens of the security camera to trick Habit into thinking he’s still standing there. The following day, he’ll be loitering around the carnival. In order to make him happy, you have to win him a bear from the button pressing game. This is where you’ll use the pocket mirror (if you haven’t found it on your own yet, scroll down to the carnival section and read the instructions about the treasure finder). Stand on the button and talk to the papery attendant until they start the game. You can use the pocket mirror to look behind you, which will help you know what buttons in front of you to press. Once you’ve gotten five in a row correct, you’ll be given “Maynard.” Give Maynard to Gillis. Gillis will give you his mask and the sequence of knocks needed to get into the Lounge, and his quest will be complete.

The Cavern, Part 1

Use Trencil’s shears to cut down the chains.

Trevor Garbo (theorist friend): Take a photo of Trencil and show it to Trevor. He’ll freak out and insist that you get a confession out of Trencil re: him being a vampire. You’ll have to use the megaphone you picked up during Ronbo’s quest when you go to talk to Trencil again, allowing for Trevor to hear him admit that he’s a vampire. Show Trencil a photo of himself, use the megaphone on him, then return to Trevor. Trevor will give you a diary page as a thank you for your hard work.

Wallus Breadbear (person inside the wall): Wallus will mention someone named Kamal, who you won’t meet until you’re able to access the roof. Keep Wallus in mind, we’ll be coming back to visit him later on.

The Carnival, Part 1

Putunia Mollar (child with the boxing glove): Talk to Putunia and she’ll tell you to come back the following morning to begin your “training.” You can only begin training once Gillis is at the carnival, as you need something from him to complete Putunia’s quest. Talk to her again once he’s there and she’ll tell you that she needs a mask. Take the mask you got from Gillis, use it on the wet paint on the wall near the button-pressing booth, then give it to Putunia. She’ll then tell you she needs a cape. Go to the fortune telling tent and use the shears to cut off the bit of fabric that has a moon on it, then give it to her. She’ll give you the boxing glove.

Re: the boxing glove—you need it in order to play the Whack-a-Molar minigame. In order to get the first prize, you need to get a score of 21 or higher. Hit only the yellow teeth and you should be able to get that score just fine. Your prize is another page from the diary. When you come back to play again later on, you’ll need to score 28 points or more to receive another prize: an airhorn. As far as I can tell, it has no purpose other than to goof around with, but I haven’t explored it fully yet.

Gerry Podunk (child[???] near Martha): Talk to Gerry, and he’ll try to get you to buy the treasure detector from him. You’ll have to refuse his offer three times and try to walk away from him before he’ll give it to you for free… but you’ll have to do a favor for him later.

Using the treasure detector: When you equip it, the detector will shift and turn depending on where you walk—follow it and listen for the clicks it emits to increase. An X should appear on the ground, allowing you to equip the spade and dig up some goodies. I’m not 100% sure if the area the objects appear in is random or not, but regardless of their location you’ll eventually find three things: a quarter, an object known as the “quiktranslate,” and a clam-shaped pocket mirror. All three will be necessary later.

Parsley Botch (hungry businessman): When you talk to him, he’ll ask you to get him some food from his dad in the Lounge. In preparation for this, grab the three bolts from around the carnival: one on the ground near the burning tires, one from the fortune telling tent, and one from Martha’s side.

The Lounge, Part 1

The knock sequence is 3-pause-4-pause-2. Make sure you pause long enough between each series of knocks to keep them distinct. Be sure to use the hand, not the boxing glove.

While you’re here, go to the jukebox and put the quarter you found earlier into it. Flip the track to the one titled “Pumpkin Accolade”—it’ll be important later.

Tiff Webber (lady with round glasses): Talk to Tiff, and she’ll let you know that she’s been stuck in a contract with Dr. Habit and can’t seem to find her way out of it. She asks you if you can help, and you will—but first, we’ll have to get access to the roof and complete Mirphy’s favor.

Jerafina Tabouli (drunk lady by the entrance): Talk to Jerafina and she’ll… make you somewhat uncomfortable before asking you to get her glasses. Once again, however, you’ll have to unlock the roof before you can do so. Time to talk to Lulia.

Jimothan Botch (bartender): Talk to Jimothan, and he’ll welcome you to the bar and ask if you’re hungry. You’ll then be asked to find several ingredients: 3 “mushrooms” (the bolts from the carnival), a “ribeye steak” (Dallas’s palette), and a piece of “blue cheese” (the list Jimothan gave you). Plate the “mushrooms” you retrieved earlier, then leave for the time being. You’ll need to finish Dallas’s next quest before you can complete this one.

The Apartments, Part 2

Mirphy: Talk to Mirphy, and she’ll let you know she’s ready to call in her favor now. She needs you… to get a picture of a butt, a near impossible task since the other Habiticians only ever face you from the front. However, she’ll upgrade your camera for you if you do. Spoiler: you’ll be taking a picture of her butt. In order to get her to face away from you, you’ll need to find a way to get something to dangle outside her window. We’ll revisit this once we get to the roof.

Lulia: Talk to her again and she’ll start moping about all the things she could’ve done, how famous she could’ve been, etc. etc. You’re on a mission though. You gotta get to the roof! In order to get her to move, you’ll need to get the door in the Lounge’s bathroom open. We’ll come back to this as well.

Dallas: Talk to Dallas and he’ll let you know that he realized he’s been behaving poorly. He’ll give you a painting. Take it to the carnival and give it to Putunia. Come back, and he’ll give you another painting. Take it to the cavern and give it to Trevor. Come back one last time and he’ll give you a painting of some flowers. Hang it up in your room, then talk to him again. He’ll give you his palette in return.

The Courtyard, Part 2

Randy Hapukurk (pickle jar friend): Randy… wants to smell like pickles. You can go about this two ways, and both will earn you an achievement. You can either hit Randy with the jar until it breaks open and gets juice everywhere (the True Anarchist achievement), or you can take it to Gillis and he’ll open it for you, then you can give it to Randy (the Good Neighbor achievement).

Trencil: Talk to Trencil, and he’ll open up to you about the difficulties he’s been having in the relationship with his daughter. Go upstairs and talk to Nat, and she’ll comment on how much progress you’ve made. She then asks for help with her dad. Answer her question however you’d like, then talk to her again, telling her that it’s not your responsibility. Then use the megaphone on her until she notices what you’re doing. You’ll have broadcasted her saying “I love you Dad” throughout the whole building. Go talk to Trencil again, and he’ll give you a page from the diary as thanks.

The Lounge, Part 2

Jimothan: Plate the palette that you got from Dallas, then plate the item list Jimothan gave you. Jimothan well then want you to play along as he… talks up the dish. Agree with him three times (you’ll have to start again if you disagree), then he’ll ask you to tenderize it. Get out the boxing glove and punch it until he lets you know it’s ready. He’ll then comment that he misses his son…

The Carnival, Part 2

Gerry: Talk to Gerry, and he’ll let you know it’s time to do him a favor. He needs a tribute for Martha. In order to get the required object, you’ll need to get access to the Lounge’s bathroom. We’ll revisit this shortly.

Parsley: Give Parsley the “food” you and his dad prepared. He’ll remark that maybe it’s time he went and saw his dad… next time you see him, he’ll be in the Lounge.

The Lounge, Part 3

(It’s a lot of back and forth, I know)
Parsley: Talk to him one last time, and he’ll give you a nice big smile. No prizes for helping him out, but it feels pretty good.

Timothan: Talk to Timothan and he’ll talk about Parsley for a bit before giving you the bathroom key. Hooray!

Use the bathroom key, grab the slip of paper off the wall, and flush the toilet in order to be able to grab the pair of dentures that will float up with the water.

The Carnival, Part 3

Gerry: Go to him and give him the teeth. He’ll give you a page from the diary for your troubles.

Now, for Lulia’s fortune. Wait until the sun shines through the hole in the fortune telling tent (the crystal ball will change colors to signify that it’s glowing), then go inside and give the fortune coupon you got from the bathroom to the paper friend. You have to wait until the crystal ball lights up, or you won’t get what you need. You’ll be given a certificate, which you will then take to Lulia in order to move her from the stairwell. Go to sleep, then head up to the roof.

The Terrace, Part 1

Talk to Lulia now that she’s feeling better! It’s nice to see her smile. :^)

Tim Tam (purple child): Tim Tam wants you to punch 20 people… so why not? Go and do that! It’s fun seeing all the different reactions everyone has. Next, Tim Tam will ask you to burn a rubber duck. You can either do that (and get the “x” achievement), or you can give it to Gillis (and get the “Pursuit of Quackiness” achievement). Tim Tam will challenge you to a staring contest once you return, and then you’ll be given a tube of lipstick and a pack of cigarettes. Give the lipstick to Lulia and the cigarettes to Ronbo. Tim Tam will give you a diary page as thanks.

Questionette (lady beside the door): Whip out the Quiktranslate and hold it out towards Questionette. If you line it up right, you’ll learn that somebody stole her hat and buried it beneath the tree in the corner of the carnival. Use the shears to cut the chains and jump down to the carnival, then dig at the base of the tree. You’ll find a beret there, which you should then give to Questionette. She’ll thank you in her own special way.

Borba Luddington (tall lady with binoculars): Talk to Borba and you’ll learn that she wants to get her hands on a y’owl. Give her your hand and she’ll give you a falconer’s glove, as well as some tips for y’owl catching. Go down to the carnival after the sun sets and camp out in the corner by the tire fire. It’s all about timing here, so be patient! (err… as patient as you can be, with the bedtime-inflicted time limit) Grab yourself a y’owl and bring it back to her.

Kamal Bora (friend standing near the bench on the ledge): Listen to what Kamal has to say and take a picture of him. He wants to brush his teeth, but in order to do that, we’ll have to come back in a bit.

In order to take care of Jerafina’s quest, you need to go into the shed up on the roof. Watch the slideshow all the way through (it’s important for context), then go back through and grab the glasses off of the man looming in the doorway in one of the slides.

The Cavern, Part 2

Wallus: Show the photo you took of Kamal to Wallus, and he’ll ask you to find a record that got lost in the… pond nearby. Wallus will give you hints until you find it, using the hand to reach down and pick it up. Show it to Wallus, and he’ll be disappointed to find that it’s dissolved. However, if you made the jukebox in the Lounge play “Pumpkin Accolade” earlier, Wallus will be pleased (and it’ll have saved you a trip back there before we’re ready!) and he’ll give you his ID card.

Before you head out, take a photo of Wallus. You’ll be needing it shortly.

The Courtyard, Part 3

Marv Truncler (fisherman): Marv wants you to make the screen darker because its light is disturbing the critters he’s trying to catch. Use the photo you took of Wallus moments ago and put it over the lens of the security camera. Marv will give you a fishing pole in return.

The Apartments, Part 3

Mirphy: It’s finally time to complete her quest! Take the fishing rod you got from Marv and head up to the roof. Set the fishing rod in the empty umbrella stand, then creep back downstairs and approach Mirphy until you’re close enough to take a picture of her butt. Give the photo to her, and she’ll upgrade your camera.

Head into Tiff’s room and use your newly upgraded camera on the contract on her wall until it turns black. We’re now ready to head back to the Lounge one last time!

The Lounge, Part 4

Go down the stairs to the courtyard and punch the poster of Dr. Habit to find and take a toothbrush, then head down into the Lounge.

Tiff: Talk to Tiff, and she’ll thank you for destroying her contract. She’s happy now! Hooray!

Jerafina: Give Jerafina her glasses. She’ll offer to give you a kiss. If you say yes, you’ll get a kiss that you can use on others (you’ll need this in two instances later, so hold on to it—though she can give you unlimited ones, you just have to keep going back to get more) and an achievement as well. If you say no, you’ll get the “Heartbreaker” achievement.

Jimothan: Show him Wallus’s ID and you’ll get a drink from him. You’ll need this soon, but don’t worry about using it quite yet.

Head into the bathroom and use the toothbrush on the toothpaste in the bottom of the sink. Once you’ve done that, go back into the cavern and take a photo of Wallus. You’ll need it in a bit for when you give his ID to Kamal.

Before you head up to the roof one last time to help Kamal, head back to your room. We have a flower to take care of before we can head to the final act.

The Apartments, Part 4

The flower on your windowsill needs to be cultivated first if you want to get the best ending and its related achievement. First, use the kiss you got from Jerafina on the flower to get her to open her mouth. Then give her the drink you got from Jimothan. She’ll smile for you. Brush her teeth, and the lily will blossom. Pick it up, then head up to the roof.

The Terrace, Part 2

Kamal: Time to brush Kamal’s teeth! It gets… a little weird, but Kamal’s grateful when you’re done! Don’t stop brushing until he says to stop though, or you’ll have to start over again. Once you’ve brightened his smile, he’ll suggest a plan to help stop Dr. Habit. Hand him the photo you took of Wallus earlier (and if you didn’t, go back and get one!), and he’ll tell you that he can unlock the tunnel that will lead you to Habit whenever you’re ready.

Now is a GREAT time to save, just so you can go back and get any missed achievements as well as the different endings. Talk to Kamal again whenever you’re ready—there’s no going back once you say yes.

Before you talk to Kamal again though, I recommend heading back down to the Lounge to get another kiss from Jerafina if you want to get all of the main endings. It provides both some fun/interesting dialogue and a good transition into some… important topics later on.

Heading to Your “Appointment”

After going to sleep, wake up and make your way down to the cavern. The door that has been locked the entire time is now open thanks to Kamal’s help. Dr. Habit will try to get you to go back to your room, but you have other plans. Keep following the tunnel until you reach a large room. To your left is an elevator. Go inside and use your hand to hit the up arrow. Step out into the waiting room once the elevator comes to a stop, and wait until you pass out.

Getting to the Endings

Being as how this is a mostly spoiler free guide, I’ll just say… a lot of stuff happens when you wake up. Once the bit of dialogue with Dr. Habit has passed, you’ll find a dental mirror and a pile of teeth to your right. Pick them both up and use the mirror to read the code on the wall behind you (it’s 74081, if you have trouble reading it). Equip the pile of teeth and hit the buttons in the appropriate sequence to free yourself from your restraints. Climb the stacked up vents that are settled against the wall and use your hand to turn the valve that rests at the top to get the door open. Head inside whenever you’re ready.

Ending 1: Bad End

All you have to do to get this ending and its achievement is hit Dr. Habit with you punching glove twice. Doing so will earn you the “Smile for You” achievement (and a deep sense of sadness if you’re anything like me).

Ending 2: Neutral End

Punch Dr. Habit once, then give him a kiss, but DON’T give him the lily. Ride the elevator down, walk through the tunnel, and head out the gates in the courtyard. This will earn you the “Residual Melancholy” achievement.

Ending 3: Best End

Punch Dr. Habit once, give him a kiss, and give him the lily. This ending… is wonderful… and not only that, but you get the “Flower Friend” achievement for completing it!


Goodie Two-Shoes: This is the first achievement you get! Nat gives it to you after you let her sniff one of the flowers from your windowsill.

Nosey Posey: You get this for finding all of the diary entries. There are only 5, contrary to popular belief.

Hired Gun: You get this for hitting Ronbo.

Tiny, Feathery Man: Capture a y’owl and give it to Borba.

One Man’s Trash: Retrieve the dentures from the Lounge’s toilet.

Dentist for a Day: Clean Kamal’s teeth.

Crowning Achievement: After getting an initial score of 21 at the Whack-a-Molar booth, come back and score 28 or more to unlock this achievement (and the air horn, which serves no purpose, to my knowledge, besides harassing your friends).

Master Photographer: Take a picture of Mirphy’s butt.

Friend of Clowns: Unlock the Carnival.

Who’s There?: Unlock the Lounge.

Miss Fortune: Unlock the Terrace.

Pesky Bee: Make 15 habiticians happy.

Flower Brat: Make all 22 habiticians happy.

True Anarchist: Hit Randy with the pickle jar until it cracks open.

Good Neighbor: Have Gillis open the pickle jar, then return it to Randy.

Out of Quack: Burn the rubber ducky in the carnival’s tire fire.

Pursuit of Quackiness: Give the rubber ducky to Gillis.

Life of the Party: Accept the kiss from Jerafina.

Heartbreaker: Turn down Jerafina’s offer of a kiss.

Teeth: Reach Dr. Habit’s office and listen to his plan.

The way back home: Escape the Habitat.

Residual Melancholy: Leave unfinished business; see Ending #2 above.

Smile for You: Take the violent route; see Ending #1 above.

Flower Friend: Make amends; see Ending #3 above.


“Where is x?”
If it exists and can be found, it’s in this guide! Ctrl + f is your friend. C:

“Who is x?”
Same as above! Everyone in the game is mentioned initially by their full names and their identifying characteristics/occupation (i.e. Ronbo [the clown]) Ctrl + f is a lifesaver, especially if you’re trying to complete a certain character’s quest. After I identify them for the first time, I only refer to them by their first names, so keep that in mind.

“Are there more endings than just the three you talk about?”
I have no idea! I haven’t sat down to figure that out yet, though I’d be delighted to hear if anyone else sorts that out. :>

“How many journal entries are there?”
There are only five, to my understanding. I got the achievement for finding all of them when I had five in my bouquet, so… pretty sure that’s right.

“Why is this guide so long?”
Because I like to be thorough, dang it! I’m prone to being wordy already, so when you get me in a position to explain something, I’m gonna be as specific as possible to avoid confusion as best I can.

Written by Dr. Habinch

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  1. The only achievement that didn’t unlock for me was the “Residual Happiness” even after doing it like you said twice. Do the answers you give him matter for the achievement?

  2. Thank you very much for the guide! It helped me enjoy the game stress-free, knowing I have someone to turn to in case of peril 😀 BTW, I don’t think you /have/ to punch Boris at all to get the best ending – at least I got the Flower Friend achievement with just the kiss and the lily. :*

  3. I’m not very good at games but I wanted to know what this one is about, this helped a lot! Fun and helpful descriptions, good tone. I may actually try to play!

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