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Spinnortality – Research and Marketing Guide

Gene Splicing

Gene Splicing research is the means of immortality for you and your board of directors. However, only those avenues of research to replace organs, clone you, predict your death and transfer your brain into your birthclone are profitable ventures…provided you have the political means to change apt laws in most countries.

The Frankenstein avenues of research in Gene Splicing gives rise to mutants in society, whom you may hire thereafter to work for you if you wish. These mutants are far more adept than humans…but more costly to hire.


Take your time – Convenience
New way to be – Novelty
Free of the grind – Freedom
Quality sleep – Quality
Sleep is peace – Spirituality

Designer Organs

Prerequisite: Genestims

Nothing but the best – Quality
The body you want – Freedom
Body armour – Security
Get in touch with your body – Spirituality
Truly be yourself – Individualism


Prerequisite: Designer Organs

Sleep sounder – Security
Live longer, better – Quality
More you – Individualism
Maximum yield – Material Wealth
All your eggs – Tradition

Death Predictions

Prerequisite: Birthclone

Plan for the future – Security
Better budgets – Material Wealth
Live life to the full – Freedom
Don’t fear it – Spirituality

Pr. Frankenstein

Prerequisite: Genestims

Frankenstein 2

Prerequisite: Pr Frankenstein

Frankenstein 3

Prerequisite: Frankenstein 2

Brain Transfer

Prerequisite: Death Predictions and Frankenstein 3

Invest in yourself – Material Wealth

The fountain of youth – Spirituality
Never change – Tradition

Artificial Intelligence

This avenue of research is unprofitable but does enable you to gain AI workers who are more adept at pioneering avenues of research…if somewhat limited with regards to creativity to facilitate spin and marketing to enable you to profit from such endevors.

AI v 1.0

AI v 2.0

Prerequisite: AI v 1.0

AI v 3.0

Prerequisite: AI v 2.0

AI v 4.0

Prerequisite: AI v 3.0

AI v 5.0

Prerequisite: AI v 4.0

Business Efficency

Business Tracking

Efficency! – Material Wealth
A new business era – Novelty
Be part of something – Collectivisim
Peace of mind – Security
Time to shine – Individualism

Task Efficency

Prerequisite: Business Tracking

Squeeze a little more – Quality
Modernise: Systematise! – Novelty
A contented machine – Collectivism
Money, money, money! – Material Wealth
Quick as a flash – Convenience

AI Consultant

Prerequisites: AI v 1.0 (Artificial Intelligence) and Task Efficency

Rely on no-one – Individualism
Affordable consultants – Material Wealth
Trust nobody – Security
We’ll take care of it – Convenience
Nobody’s perfect – Quality

Auto-Corps (also called Self-Regulating Corps)

Prerequisite: AI Consultant

More time for you – Convenience
The smart option – Quality
More cash, less hassle – Material Wealth
Work to live, don’t live to work – Freedom
What are your competitors upgrading – Novelty

Human-Free Business

Prerequisite: Auto-Corps

Information coming soon…

Employee Nanny

Prerequisites: Business Tracking and Public User Data (Social: Online)

Quality results – Quality
Looking after family – Collectivism
Let it flow – Spirituality
What are they up to? – Security
Privacy and profits? They don’t mix – Publicity


Prerequisite: Employee Nanny

Caring for you employees – Collectivism
Push them to their limit – Quality
Rediscover your body – Spirituality
Total survellience, total control – Publicity
At a glance – Conveniance


Prerequisite: Spyometrics

Information coming soon…

Hormone Cloud

Prerequisite: Spycams

Information coming soon…

Careers & Creativity

This avenue of research requires that you research Public User Data via the Social: Online avenue of research before you can thoroughly invest.

Career Advice
Prerequisite: Public User data (Social: Online)

Find your niche – Individualism
Everyone in their place – Tradition
Get networking – Publicity
Quality work – Quality
Flow – Spirituality
Hand over fist – Material Wealth

CV Writer

Prerequsite: Career Advice

Your career, your rules – Freedom
In your own time – Convenience
Spend money to earn money – Material Wealth
Looking out for number 1 – Individualism
Broadcasting on all channels – Publicity


Prerequisite: CV Writer

Information coming soon…

Creative Shop

Prerequisite: Lifescribe

Information coming soon…

Auto Reply

Preqequisite: Career Advice

Job search made easy – Convenience
Get ahead of the pack – Individualism
A good fit – Collectivism
Do the world proud – Multiculturism

Interview Robots

Prerequisite: Auto Reply

Information coming soon…

Auto Career

Prerequisite: Interview Robots

Information coming soon

Social: Online

Social Media

Stay up to date – Novelty
Never been easier – Convenience
Never alone – Collectivism
Post, post, post! – Publicity
One world – Multiculturism

Public User Data

Prerequisite: Social Media

For shame – Tradition
Total friendship – Publicity
A better class of ad – Quality
In all our glory – Multiculturism
Stay safe – Security

Gift Suggester

Prerequisite: Public User Data

Happiness, codified – Collectivism
A world of treasures – Quality
Gifts: timeless – Tradition
Grow by giving – Spirituality
The easy way out – Convenience


Prerequisite: Gift Suggester

Buy with no clicks – Convenience
Think of the savings – Material Wealth
An art not a chore – Quality
Never shop online again – Tradition
How we shop now – Novelty

Posting Tips

Prerequisite: Social Media

Put yourself out there – Publicity
Keep a little back – Privacy
It’s your right – Freedom
Soul Freer – Spirituality
Just one click – Convenience
Echo chamber – Xenophobia


Prerequisite: Posting Tips

Free time works for you – Convenience
Never bare again – Privacy
Free at last – Freedom
Back to basics – Tradition
Talk, don’t listen – Xenophobia

Social Insight

Prerequisites: Autoposter and Social Optomiser (Social: Offline)

Social Insight is a non-profit Social: Online/Social: Offline Research required for latter research…

Profile Chatbot

Prerequisite: Social Insight

Information coming soon

Sentient Profile

Prerequisite: Profile Chatbot

Information coming soon.

Social: Offline


Find your tribe – Collectivism
Buffer zone – Security
No more expensive meets – Material Wealth
No more unlikeables – Xenophobia
Soul to soul – Spirituality

Social Optomiser

Prerequisite: Metafriendship

The new wave of friendship – Novelty
Turn back the clock – Tradition
Friend factor – Collectivism
Keep them at a distance – Privacy
Your life, optomised – Convenience

Social Insight

Prerequisites: Autoposter (Social: Online) and Social Optomiser

Social Insight is a non-profit Social: Online/Social: Offline Research required for latter research…

Smalltalk Chip

Prerequisite: Social Insight

Information coming soon…


Prerequisite: Smalltalk Chip

Information coming soon

Space Programme

The Space Programme is available for research upon acceptance of an offer and at the cost of 5 class connections, $50m, and political and media dominance of a desired country to establish your space programme.

It is advisable to have a great deal of capitol when you begin to invest…and to research all avenues of the Space Programme (minus Hormone Cloud) if you wish for your launches to go smoothly. Click on the moon when you’re finally ready.

Once you reach the moon you can begin a project on the near and far side of the moon, but may require additional moon launches to provide the resources to both begin and upgrade you venture. One such far side venture on the moon can really be a boon to difficult research…

Space Research

Prerequisites: Accept offer, 5 class connections and $50m

Fungal Scrubbers

Prerequisite: Space Research

Lung Tank

Prerequisites: Designer Organs (Gene Splicing), Fungal Scrubbers and O2 Nanobots

Organic Suits

Prerequisites: Lung Tank and Spacesuit Tech

Moon Mutants

Prerequisites: Frankenstein 2 (Gene Splicing) and Organic Suits

O2 Nanobots

Prerequisite: Space Research

Spacesuit Tech

Prerequisite: Space Research

Shuttle +

Prerequisite: Space Research

Guided Shuttle

Prerequisites: AI v 3.0 (Artificial Intelligence) and Shuttle +

Heat Shields

Prerequisite: Space Research

AI Therapist

Prerequisites: AI v 2.0 (Artificial Intelligence) and Space Research

Calm Hormones

Prerequisites: Hormone Cloud (Business Efficency) and Space Research

Rocket Tests

Prerequisite: Space Research

Achieve Orbit

Prerequisite: Rocket Tests

Lunar Flyby

Prerequisite: Achieve Orbit

Moon Landing

Prerequisite: Lunar Flyby


Prerequisite: Achieve Orbit

Space Station

Prerequisite: Satellite

Space Freighter

Prerequisite: Space Station

Space Fountain

Prerequisite: Satellite

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