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Starship Troopers: Extermination How to use Knife Fu Glitch

You ever see that one guy in game melee attacking super fast? Here’s how you do it too! Using your gun is still better, so this glitch is entirely situational and optional. Mostly for fun and flexing on your friends.

Starship Troopers: Extermination How to use Knife Fu Glitch

First and foremost, keep in mind that this glitch is entirely optional, and doesn’t have much impact on gameplay besides looking flashy and for when you run out of ammunition or want to flex on your friends.

Its a pretty harmless glitch so I thought it would be fine to share with everyone.

Not game breaking in any way (Since using your gun is still way better).

So first you press V to melee attack, then you switch over to your secondary gun.

This will reset the melee counter, allowing you to melee attack again.

Then you switch to primary, press V, rinse and repeat.

Make sure you don’t do it too fast or you won’t deal damage, though.

You have to hear that “Shing” slicing sound from the blade before it deals damage.

If you are skilled enough, you can do it super fast, which looks very impressive.

I have found that using your gun to play normally still works better.

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So there is no point in using this glitch other than showing off or having fun (Yeah, obviously gun is better than a tiny combat knife).

It does look very cool though, if you can do it extremely fast. Flex on your friends.

But this is still great for those close combat encounters when you have no more ammunition, or another scenario.

Even better for showing off and flexing on your friends your skills!

The faster you can do it, the more skilled you are.

Just make sure you can hear that “Slice” sound so that it actually does damage.

I would say its the most effective on those maps with special gear like the Electric Maces for amplified melee.

Video tutorial of me pulling off the glitch.

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