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Staxel Console Commands & Cheats

Press ENTER to open the chat window. Then activate one of the effects indicated below by entering the corresponding cheat phrase.

Note: All the cheats are entered through chat. No need to go through console.

Staxel Console Commands & Cheats

/help – Shows a list of commands.

/enableCheats – Enable server administrator commands for the current player.

/spawnitem [YourNameHere] {“kind” : “staxel.item.Something” } – Debug Tools. Replace [YourNameHere] with your username, and “staxel.item.Something” with either; “staxel.item.Import” for the Import tool, “staxel.item.Export” for the Export tool, “staxel.item.MassFiller” for the Mass Filler or “staxel.item.MassReplacer” for the Mass Replacer.

/fly – Activates “fly mode”.

/walk – Deactives flying and allows you to walk again.

/noclip – Turns on noclip, you are able to walk through walls and objects

/teleport – You are teleported in the way that you are facing.

/creative – Creative mode

/op <username> – Give someone admin powers!

/tp <player to be moved> <player who will get someone teleported on top of their face> – Teleport

/givepetals – Gives you money! Printing money is illegal! Please use only in emergencies!

/stealpetals – Someone been naughty and robbed all the shops? Time to confiscate the goods!


/kick <username> – Kicks the player from the server

/ban <username> – Bans a user

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/unban <username> – Removes the ban on the player

/cameraCapture – This creates the first or any additional points on the camera path. When playing the camera path the camera will move to each point in the same order you captured them in.

/cameraSave shot_name – This command saves the shot so that it can be loaded another time. shot_name must be replaced with whatever you want to name the shot. You will use this name to load the camera later.

/cameraLoad shot_name – This command loads a previously saved camera path. Replace shot_name with the name of the camera path you want to load. Make sure to remember/write down the names of all the shots you’ve saved!

/cameraPlay 1 true – This command plays the currently loaded shot. The 1 is how many seconds the camera must take to move from one point to another. “true” means that the camera will loop, replace it with “false” if you don’t want the camera to loop.

/cameraStop – If your camera is currently playing and you need to break out of it, enter this command.

Full List

  • /advanceTime amount (0.0-0.1) – Advance time
  • /ban username [reason] – Ban a user from your server
  • /cameraCapture camera_save_file_path – Unknown
  • /cameraCapture – Unknown
  • /cameraPlay [duration (0.0-1.0)] [loop (true/false)] [saved_camera_file_path] – Unknown
  • /cameraReset – Unknown
  • /cameraSave camera_save_file_path – Unknown
  • /cameraStop – Unknown
  • /changeMood increase/decrease (true/false) – Unknown, true/false seems to map to
  • increase/decrease
  • /creative [username] [start_creative_mode (true/false)] – Enable creative mode for a player
  • /creativeMode [on (true/false)] – Enable or disable creative mode for the server
  • /currentTime – Get the current ingame time
  • /describeitem [username] – Unknown
  • /ditto [username] villager_NPC_code – Unknown
  • /doemote emote_name [use_look_at_entity (true/false)] – Emote!
  • /emote emote_name – Emote!
  • /enablecheats – Enable cheats – this will disable Steam achievements!
  • /entityInfo entity_id – Get information about an entity
  • /fly [username] [start_flying (true/false)] – Enable flight for a player
  • /Give all recipes [username] – Give all recipes to a player – TODO: Check syntax
  • /givepetals username amount – Spawn in some extra money for a player
  • /help [command_name] – Get a list of commands, or information about a specific command
  • /kick username – Kick a user from your server
  • /mute username [length_in_minutes (default: 60)] – Mute a player
  • /noclip [username] [start_noclip (true/false)] – Enable flight for a player and allow them to fly through the ground and other solid objects
  • /op username – Give someone else admin access, this will also allow them to do the tutorial with Farm Fan
  • /pe expression_atlas [display_time] – Unknown
  • /plantgrowth – Unknown
  • /playExpression expression_code [display_time] – Play an expression
  • /players – List online players
  • /position [username] – Get the position of a player
  • /qs [start_flying (true/false)] – Unknown
  • /quickStart [start_flying (true/false)] – Unknown
  • /reload – Unknown
  • /resetplayer – Unknown
  • /saveDesign filename – Unknown
  • /saveOutfit filename – Unknown
  • /seed – Get the world seed
  • /spawncoins [username] petal_amount – Spawn some money for a player
  • /spawnitem [username] item (kind/specification {}) – Spawn an item for a player
  • /spawnmaterial [username] material_name – Spawn an item for a player – use the material name from the asset manager
  • /spawntile [username] tile_code – Spawn a tile for a player – use the tile name from the asset manager
  • /stealpetals amount [remove (true/false)] – Unknown
  • /stopTime – Stop time
  • /teleport [username] location (\{0, 0, 0\}) – Teleport a player to a specific location
  • /tileAt [location (\{0, 0, 0\})] – Get information about a tile in a specific location
  • /tp player_1 player_2 Teleport player_1 to player_2
  • /unban username – Unban a user that you banned previously
  • /unmute username – Unmute a user that you muted previously
  • /weather type (sun, rain, snow, storm or weather code) – Change the weather
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