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Steel Division 2: Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

Steel Division 2 is a historically-accurate WW2 real-time strategy game set on the Eastern Front. Features 1:1-scale turn-based army management and real-time tactical battles with thousands of men at your order.

Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

Controlling the Camera

Keyboard controls – Qwerty

  • W – Up
  • S – Down
  • A – Left
  • D – Right

Keyboard controls – Azerty

  • Z – Up
  • S – Down
  • Q – Left
  • D – Right


  • Middle button + mouse movement – Rotate
  • Scroll wheel – Zoom in / Zoom out

Controlling a Unit

  • Left-click – Select a unit (holding the button will allow you to select several units at the same time)
  • Double left-click – Select the same kind of units in the area
  • Right-click – Move a unit to the destination
  • Q or A + left-click – Hunt
  • X or X + X – Quick Hunt
  • F + left-click – Move Fast (for land vehicles)
  • U – Unload (for transport vehicles)
  • Y + left click – Unload at position
  • T – Fire at position
  • X or X + X – Efficient Shot
  • B + left click – Smoke position (for artillery)
  • E – Stop moving and firing
  • W or Z – Trigger the Riposte stance
  • R – Retreat a panicked unit
  • J – Reverse your tank
  • C – Line of sight
  • N – Activate or deactivate the auto cover

Game interface

In the top left corner of your screen, the deployment menu allows you to deploy your units. Pick a unit’s category and then a Unit Card to place a unit on the map. It will also show you your Requisition Points and your current income.

In the bottom left corner, the off-map interface allows you to deploy aircraft and manage off-map artillery strikes.

In the top right corner, you can see the influence area on the map and the domination gauge. You also can keep an eye on the unit counters. On the top, you can see the time remaining, not only until the end of the match but also until the end of the phase. Finally, this interface allows you to change the game speed, from bullet time to very fast.

In the bottom right corner, you can find the interface for unit controls. It allows you to give orders to your troops, as well as deactivating their weapons. It also delivers information concerning your remaining ammo and your unit’s stress level.

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