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Stoneshard Guide to Treasure Hunters

Some small advices for starting your career as a treasure hunter.

Tips for Treasure Hunters

Do not be afraid to rummage around the arms at the guard post. Usually guards don’t mind this, and you will get plenty of weapons, or at least coins from selling it.

Before you take on the first quest, scout the nearest lands, look for interesting places. This is a good initial practice and, possibly, income.

When leaving the city, check for a vital minimum of things:

  •  At least two loaves of bread or something just as nourishing
  •  Full waterskin (can be filled in the well)
  •  Two or three jars of healing salve or several leeches
  •  A couple of splints
  •  Bandages or rags for two-three bleeding wounds
  •  Anything to treat pain, whether it’s an inhaler or alcohol
  •  And also it’s good to take something against toxicity

It’s not like all this is necessary for a hike, but in the middle of hostile terrain it is better to have that things without needing them, rather than vice versa.

Remember about change of day and night. In your adventures you can run around for days, but when darkness advents civilians prefer to rest , and not engage in trades, repairs and other businesses. Additionaly, dangerous creatures can crawl out at night.

Each room and hallway is full of traps until you have checked for them.

If you love to shoot then you need to love spare arrows.

Pyromancer? Better to sleep while it rains, rather than try to burn wet bandits and monsters.

Sleeping is generally good. Do it more often and longer. Unless you’re on an urgent mission.

While going on quest or just into the dungeon it would be nice to pick various herbs along the way. If they will be needles – it’s not a pity to throw them out, but if they’ll be needed – they are already with you.

The price of things doesn’t mean they will be bought from you for that much. This is especially true for expensive books. See which merchants value some things more than others.

I do not believe that I have to write this down, but do not irritate bears. They are very deadly and tenacious beasts.

It’s end. I hope “Stoneshard Guide to Treasure Hunters” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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