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Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris Relationship Guide

This guide covers everything about Relationship from Affection Level, Persona and Anima, Mood level and Pillow Talk in depth.

Relationship Guide

Affection Level

There is 5 level of Affection level

  • 1. Acquaintance – Heart level 1-20%
  • 2. Amicable – 21-40 %
  • 3. Friend – 41-60 %
  • 4. Close Friend – 61-99%
  • 5. Rival – 100 %

In order to raise affection percentage, you can talk to the character to get affection point.

There is four tiers interactions you can do:

1. tier 1 is when you zoom far away (recommended at Affection Level 1)

Topic you can talk about:

  • 1. Talk about your self
  • 2. Talk about partner
  • 3. Talk about love

2. tier 2 is when you zoom a bit close (recommended at Affection Level 2 and to initiate pillow talk scene – see section bellow)

Topics you can talk about:

  • 1. Talk about world
  • 2. Talk about battle
  • 3. Talk about food

3. tier 3 is when you zoom closer (recommended at Affection Level 3)

Actions available to perform:

  • 1. Smile at them
  • 2. Gaze at them
  • 3. Look around

4. tier 4 is when you zoom very close (recommended at Affection Level 4)

Actions available to perform:

  • 1.Hold their hand
  • 2.Poke their cheek
  • 3.Pat their head
  • 4. Slide up to them
  • 5. Hug them (after getting close – Heart > 60%)
  • 6. Move your face closer (after around > 90 %)

Higher tier interaction will result more affection points especially if you click when the heart is at largest size but notice that the interaction bar will drop faster.

When the interaction meter bar is out then the interaction will be concluded

Please look at the image bellow:

Personality and Anima

There is actually lots type of Personality and Anima which give many effect in or outside battle

But the most important thing to know that if the meter goes to 100% you can copy and store it and give it to the other character, this is very useful for personality and anima that give good/useful effect such as give more EXP or more item drop

Personality and Anima can be raise by interacting with the character, higher affinity point gained after interaction will raise the personality and anima higher, but notice that friendly interaction will raise personality (represent by musical note) while romantic interaction will raise anima (represent by heart)

And please notice that each character has different interaction that is counted as friendly or romantic, for example talk about battle for Asuna is friendly interaction but for the other character it could be romantic interaction.

Mood Level

There is two type of mood level:

  • 1. Friendly
  • 2. Romantic

Mood level will increase when both Friendly and Romantic Bar meter is raise at highest point, if the Personality level is higher than Anima then the mood level will be towards friendly and vice versa.

So in order to get pillow talk scene you will want that Anima > Personality

Currently I have find the romantic level mode only because I focus on that

Romantic Mood Level:

  • 1. Relaxed
  • 2. Happy
  • 3. Flustered
  • 4. Excited
  • 5. Content

Friendly Mood Level:

  • 1. Relaxed
  • 2. Fun

Pillow Talk Scene

Pillow talk scene is the scene when each character try to help Kirito by verifying his memory because they are afraid that Kirito memory is distorted after sudden attack after he defeat the pontifex in the end of chapter 1.

In order to trigger this scene, all conditions bellow must be meet:

  • Only one sleep talk can occurred each day, for example if you have sleep talk with Asuna today you need to wait another day to initiate other scene with other character.
  • The character mood level must be at level 5 Content.
  • You must choose to carry the character before went to Kirito tent or you can carry them inside tent and go out and go in again in order the share bad option appear if you carry your partner near Kirito’s Bed
  • After you choose share bed, you must maxed both romantic and friendship bar on the left and right side of the screen before the interaction meter went out in order the scene to trigger.
    If the meter runs out and both romantic and friendship bar not maxed the scene won’t trigger.
    That’s why I suggest doing Tier 2 interaction so the interaction meter won’t run out before both Romantic and Friendship meter are maxed

Please check two video bellow when I try to trigger the scene for Asuna, Ronnie, Sortiliena, Sinon, Alice and Tiese in order to see everything I mentioned and explained above

Each person has different state (Personality, Anima, Affection Level) but I managed to trigger pillow talk for all of them.

Author Note

That’s all that I found about relationship in Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris game
I will add more information in this guide if I found something new especially about personality and anima description as I haven’t found every available personality and anima yet.

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