Creativerse – Power Attack Guide

This guide is the basics to the special power attack introduced in R55 and updated in R56. How to use the Power Attack To do this ability you must have 75% stamina then click your mouse wheel or go into keybinds to change the power attack to something else. Things the Power attack changes in … Read more

Creativerse – Spawning, Looting and Taming

To begin with your progress needs to be at corruption level or get corruption blocks from a friend, the store or other means. You will need to build a minispawner out of corruption blocks. There are plenty of tutorials, guides, videos, and people on this subject. My setup is around a 20x20x2 deep. It’s not … Read more

Creativerse – Crafting and Unlocking Guide

Crafting menu with how to unlock and what it takes to craft each this may be a super long guide. This includes all store stuff such as costumes. Whatever you need to unlock basically. The guide is new and current. Intro So you get my mind and how I do things for this rather lengthy … Read more