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Creativerse – Power Attack Guide

This guide is the basics to the special power attack introduced in R55 and updated in R56.

How to use the Power Attack

To do this ability you must have 75% stamina then click your mouse wheel or go into keybinds to change the power attack to something else.

Things the Power attack changes in R56

List of known things changed with the power attack.

  • Grass – turns into dirt and requires no mining cell.
  • Savannah grass turns into rocky dirt and requires no mining cell (also regrows back),
  • Coal into Diamonds and requires iron mining cell and up.
  • Hardened lava to lava requires lumite cell.
  • Water requires Iron cell and up to vanish.
  • Mud to adobe bricks requires iron mining cell and up.
  • Ice to smash requires diamond mining cell and up.
  • Snow to vanish requires stone mining cell and up.
  • Leaves require no mining cell to vanish.
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