Cyrano Story Cheat Codes

Cyrano Story Cheat Codes This guide will show you on something like cheat code (how to walk fast) in Cyrano Story. 6 Stages Note: The game takes 5 minutes to complete. Difficulty Sane – Click on anywhere on the screen and write Sleep – As soon as the yellow filter is applied on the screen, write Yes, after starting … Read more

Cyrano Story Achievements Guide

Cyrano Story Achievements Guide Guidance for completing the game and obtaining 100% achievements! Story Achievements Sane “Sleep” Either “Yes” or “No” Insomnia Habitual sleeplessness On the Edge “Photon Sphere” Euphoria A state of intense joy Crazy “Cell” “Yes” Paranoia Irrational suspicion Insane “Bury” Paracusia Auditory hallucination Mental Breakdown “Ra” Xenolalia Paranormal language skills Higher Plane … Read more

Cyrano Story Speed Run (How to do 7x Achievement)

Cyrano Story

Cyrano Story Speed Run This is the speedrun which will help you guys with the 7x replays for the achievement. Read This Last In order to do the 7x achievement, with the assistance of the speedrun, you need to do these steps: Play all the sections to the end. You can skip the ending scene, … Read more