Dragon Spear – Cheap Build for Beating Ice Dragon

Dragon Spear - Cheap Build for Beating Ice Dragon

A build that requires minimal grinding to obtain for beating Ice Dragon. Other Dragon Spear Guides: Dragon Spear Beginner’s Guide Introduction The items mentioned for this build doesn’t require you to farm the harder bosses. You only need some gold and to farm Deus Ex Machina a few times. Important Options There are two types of … Read more

Dragon Spear – Beginner’s Guide: Story, Farming and Gearing

Dragon Spear - Beginner's Guide Story, Farming and Gearing

A guide on how to complete story mode, how to farm efficiently, and how to gear up. Introduction As in any other Action RPG-like game, the focus is usually grinding and farming material. So, in this guide we’re going to explain how to get through the story mode as fast as possible in order to … Read more