DUSK – Duskworld Weapon Damage Chart (Multiplayer)

DUSK Guide

This is a chart that shows the weapons’ stats in the Duskworld multiplayer, including Damage Per Second. Weapon Damage Stats Damage values are sourced from a Discord post by Duskworld developer 500_pts. Physics objects do not cause damage in Duskworld unlike in Single-Player. Reload times are listed in milliseconds. (1217 ms = 1.217 seconds) DPS … Read more

Dusk – Cheat Codes

DUSK Cheat Codes for Single Player episodes and Endless Mode. Intro These cheat codes were directly ripped from the “goodies” folder, I decided to make a guide since not everyone seems to be aware of its existence. I suggest you to take a look at it! Cheats Type the codes in-game just like in Doom: … Read more