Endless Space 2 – Cheat Codes / Enable Debug Mode

Cheat Codes / Accessing Debugging Mode Put “-enablemoddingtools” (without quotes) in the launch options of the game in Steam (right click on game in library, properties, general tab). Now you can get access to various debug features. Once the modding tools are enabled, you can use the debug features in-game: Shift+F1 opens a debug menu … Read more

Endless Space 2 – A Guide to Vodyani

First turns When the game starts, your first order of business is to explore the galaxy around you, and try to find systems with 5 planets (or 4 planets if they have resources you really need). Ignore anything with less than 4 planets, and don’t pay too much attention on all the FIDSI bonuses of … Read more

Endless Space 2 – A Guide to Cravers

This guide will cover the ins and outs of the Cravers, both for beginners and players looking to increase the difficulty level up to Endless. Faction Overview Cravers, like all the factions in ES2, have several defining features that will heavily affect their game play, so we’ll cover these first just so you know what … Read more