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Empyrion Galactic Survival: CV Cost Guide (Vanilla)

A visual guide to help you determine why your Vanilla CVs require a certain level or rare resources to craft… great to help you pin point certain blocks to downgrade to reach a lower level or materal cost!

Empyrion Galactic Survival: CV Cost Guide (Vanilla)

Current as of Vanilla v1.11.6 4471

CV Block Unlock Level Guide

Condensed CV Tech Tree!

Shows character level required for parts (any CV parts not shown are lvl 1)

CV Cost Guide - Vanilla

CV Materials Chart

This is a custom grouping of blocks (I believe in helpful groupings for creative mode crafting). Each block is outlined one of 5 colors to indicate the rarity of materials used by the block, see key in bottom right for help.

Zoom in to see material cost; the materials needed are not the exact amount to craft the block, rather is the amount that your blueprint material cost increases by.

Written by Fuji

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