Garden Paws Shop Guide

This guide will help introduce you to the basics of selling items in Garden Paws, as well as provide a quick reference guide to selling prices. Introduction Like Garden Paws itself, this guide is a work in progress that will be updated as I progress through the game and find more things to sell, and … Read more

Garden Paws Item ID List

Garden Paws Item ID List

Garden Paws Item ID List to use with workshop mods or well modding. Animals ItemID Namealpaca Alpacaalpaca_baby Baby Alpacababy_snowy_owl Baby Owlbabycat Kittenbabydog Puppybabyfox Foxbabyrabbit Bunnybear Bearbear_b Black Bearbeetle Rainbow Beetlebeetle_b Blue Beetlebeetle_c Beetlebeetle_r2 Rainbow Beetlebeetle_t Green Beetlebeetle_v Fire Beetlebigpenguin Big Penguincalf Calfcat Catcat_b Black Catchick Chickchicken Chickencow Cowdeer Deerdog Dogduck Duckduckling Ducklingduckling_mallard Mallard Ducklingferret Ferretfoal … Read more

Garden Paws Crops and Flowers Guide

This is a guide on the different types of crops & flowers in Garden Paws. Details include sell price and growth time. This will be expanded over time. Crops Wheat Sell Price: 5g Seed Price: 5g Growth Time: 2 Days Cabbage Sell Price: 40g Seed Price: 50g Growth Time: 2 Days Carrot Sell Price: 40g … Read more

Garden Paws: Frequently Asked Questions

Garden Paws Yekbot

In this guide, I will bundle the most frequently asked questions I come across and try to answer them. Please note there will be spoilers in this guide, obviously. Garden Paws Meta Will Garden Paws be ported to Nintendo Switch? This is probably the most asked question in the past few weeks. The devs have … Read more