Parkasaurus Traits Guide: How to Get & Effects

Parkasaurus Traits Guide

This guide details what traits there are and how to get them. What Traits Do Traits raise dinosaur appeal and can change dinosaur behavior and appearance, or game play mechanics such as breeding. Trait Effects Each trait does something to a dinosaur, either behaviorally or physically. The chubby trait makes a dino eat more but … Read more

Parkasaurus Dinopedia: Information About All Dinosaurs

Parkasaurus Dinopedia Information About All Dinosaurs

Information about all Dinosaurs in game categorized by herbivores and carnivores. Carnivores Albertosaurus Class: Theropod Tile: Mud Biome: Swamp Size: Medium Exhibit Size: 700ft Oviraptor Class: Theropod Tile: Grass Biome: Taiga Size: Small Exhibit Size: 500ft Spinosaurus Class: Theropod Tile: Mud Biome: Swamp Size: Large Exhibit Size: 700ft Tyrannosaurus Rex Class: Theropod Tile: Sand Biome: Grassland Size: Large Exhibit Size: 1000ft Velociraptor Class: Theropod Tile: Sand Biome: Desert Size: Small Exhibit Size: 500ft Herbivores Achelousaurus Class: Ceratopsia Tile: Sand Biome: Savanna Size: Medium Exhibit … Read more