Treasure Hunter Claire – How to Enable 18+ Content (Uncensor Patch)

Treasure Hunter Claire

How to Install the Uncensor Patch Download the official patch by this links: Google Drive Link (611.9 MB) Mega Link (611.9 MB) Then run the THC_Uncensored_Patch_v6.exe file and… Patch Instructions Click Next. After reading the agreement and accepting the terms, click I Agree and then click Next. The patcher is automatically configured to install the required files into the default Steam directory for … Read more

Treasure Hunter Claire Walkthrough – Quests, Events and Equipment

Treasure Hunter Claire

A list of all quests and their objectives, effects, and rewards. Detailed stats of all clothes and underwear, and effects of some of the events you can encounter. Quests 001: Grant My Wish Talk to the Perverted Geezer at the inn 1√óBreasts Sub+2 Desire+50 Karma+1 Shyness-1 100G Title “Diligent Adventurer” (Desire-5) 002: Western Forest Rescue! … Read more

Treasure Hunter Claire – How to get True Ending

Treasure Hunter Claire - How to get True Ending

Prerequisites We’re going to need only two main conditions to achieve the True Ending: NG+ Purity (no direct sexual experience is allowed aside from the first scene with the goddess, no desire,max shyness and 0 Karma). So, for starters, you’ll need to finish your first run, it doesn’t really matter which alternative ending you chose/get … Read more