All Shift Codes in Tribes of Midgard and how to use them

Tribes of Midgard Shift Codes & How to Redeem

This guide shows all available SHiFT Codes and how to redeem them. Tribes of Midgard Shift Codes In this guide I’ll collect all available SHiFT Codes for Tribes of Midgard and show how to use them. The codes grant some ingame gifts like items, skins and ingame currency for example. Feel free to add SHiFT … Read more

Tribes of Midgard Controls: PC Keyboard & Gamepad

Tribes of Midgard Controls

These are the default controls for the Tribes of Midgard. Can be changed from the options menu by going to the “settings or control” tab. Gamepad Controls Action Button Map Back Button Zoom D-Pad Up or D-Pad Down Move Forward Left Stick Strafe Left Left Stick Move Backward Left Stick Strafe Right Left Stick Evade … Read more