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Team Fortress 2 How to Mute Players (with Pictures)

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TF2 How to Mute Players

How to mute players in TF2.

Mute the player

So, you’ve reached a point in TF2 where 3 of your team members are under the age of 10 or are blasting terrible music over the mic. Do not fear, for I have a solution to this.


There is a button at the bottom, which has the appearance of an ear with an X beside it at the bottom of the screen.


A new menu has opened, with a list of all players who are currently in the server. Select the player by clicking on their name.


This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. You can either double click the selected player or press the big “Mute In-game Voice” button.

You’ve done it
You finally put an end to the ear piercing sounds of the player who was being super annoying. While you’re reading this, give this guide a thumbs up and a favorite. I want to make sure I never have to see somebody saying “How do I mute” in chat.

Note: Also note that this will make their chat messages invisible to you.

Written by LASER ACE

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