Temtem Medicine List – Effects & Prices

Temtem Medicine Item List

Medicine items that can be used either during or outside Combat and help dealing with the status of Temtem. It includes items that restore HP and STA, as well as the ones that revive downed Temtem and heal Status Conditions. They are consumed when used.

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Temtem Medicine List

ItemEffectsCostSelling Price
AntitodeRemoves poison status ailment.120 Pansun83 Pansun
AwakenerRemoves asleep status ailment.120 Pansun83 Pansun
BalmHeals for +25 HP.80 Pansun55 Pansun
Balm+Heals for +70 HP.325 Pansun227 Pansun
CoolerRemoves burn status ailment.200 Pansun139 Pansun
Energetic BananaReplenishes +50% stamina.250 Pansun174 Pansun
Energetic KiwiReplenishes +25% stamina.150 Pansun104 Pansun
Enhancer AvocadoAdds 50 TV to a stat below 500.400 Pansun279 Pansun
Enhancer CherryAdds 20 TV to SPD.500 Pansun349 Pansun
Enhancer CoconutAdds 20 TV to DEF.500 Pansun349 Pansun
Enhancer MangoAdds 20 TV to SP. ATK.500 Pansun349 Pansun
Enhancer PapayaAdds 20 TV to SP. DEF.500 Pansun349 Pansun
Enhancer PeachAdds 20 TV to ATK.500 Pansun349 Pansun
Enhancer PineappleAdds 20 TV to HP.500 Pansun349 Pansun
Enhancer WatermelonAdds 20 TV to Stamina.100 Pansun69 Pansun
EtherReplenishes +20 Stamina.100 Pansun69 Pansun
Ether+Replenishes +45 Stamina.300 Pansun209 Pansun
Fertility EnhancerEnhances a Temtem’s fertility by +1.N/A3,150 Pansun
Full RestoreFully restores HP, stamina, and removes all status ailments.N/A332 Pansun
Growth EnhancerIncreases a Temtem’s level by +1.N/A1,540 Pansun
HeaterRemoves Cold/Frozen status ailment.200139 Pansun
Power ReviveRevives a Temtem with 25% HP and 100% stamina.700489 Pansun
ReviveRevives a Temtem with 50% HP and stamina.500349 Pansun
Telomere Hack – AttackAdds +1 SV to ATK.N/A4,900 Pansun
Telomere Hack – DefenseAdds +1 SV to DEF.N/A4,900 Pansun
Telomere Hack – HPAdds +1 SV to HP.N/A4,900 Pansun
Telomere Hack – Special AttackAdds +1 SV to SP. ATK.N/A4,900 Pansun
Telomere Hack – SpeedAdds +1 SV to SPD.N/A4,900 Pansun
Telomere Hack – Special DefenseAdds +1 SV to SP. DEF.N/A4,900 Pansun
Telomere Hack – StaminaAdds +1 SV to Stamina.N/A4,900 Pansun
TonicReplenishes +15 HP and +12 Stamina.80 Pansun55 Pansun
Tonic+Replenishes +42 HP and +27 Stamina.350 Pansun244 Pansun
Vigorous LoquatReplenishes +42% HP and +27% Stamina.350 Pansun244 Pansun
Vital AppleReplenishes 25% HP.150 Pansun104 Pansun
Vital DurianReplenishes 50% HP.350 Pansun244 Pansun
Weakener GrapefruitRemoves -20 TV from Stamina.750 Pansun524 Pansun
Weakener KumquatRemoves -20 TV from SPD.750 Pansun524 Pansun
Weakener LemonRemoves -20 TV from HP.750 Pansun524 Pansun
Weakener LimeRemoves -20 TV from DEF.750 Pansun524 Pansun
Weakener OrangeRemoves -20 TV from ATK.750 Pansun524 Pansun
Weakener PomeloRemoves -20 TV from SP. ATK.750 Pansun524 Pansun
Weakener TangerineRemoves -20 TV from SP. DEF.750 Pansun524 Pansun
Weakener YuzuRemoves -50 TV from any stat.600 Pansun419 Pansun

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